Mieganciu drugeliu tvirtove

Mieganciu drugeliu tvirtove

Monika, a middle-aged wealthy woman, goes through a marriage crisis with her younger husband Linas. A car accident leads Monika to meeting three young girls, Kristina, Egle and Gitana, who ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Lithuanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   friendship,   death,  

Monika, a middle-aged wealthy woman, goes through a marriage crisis with her younger husband Linas. A car accident leads Monika to meeting three young girls, Kristina, Egle and Gitana, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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B R (au) wrote: I swear Coixet brutishly shoved every detail of Japanese uniqueness into this film like a 1st year film student. Ramen, trains, sake, fish market, love hotels, karaoke, etc. etc. each item gets forced into the plot and strung together without much thought and much meaning. It's as if she knew she had one shot at doing a Japanese themed film, and damn if she wasn't going to jam in everything she found interesting about Japan. Scene after scene is over-explained by a narration that is basically not needed making much of the film banal and painful to sit through. Why let viewers experience their own reading of the film when you can tell them every step of the way? For example, the laughable 'assassin' starts to fall for her target, and immediately the narration cuts in to explain to us that 'this was the moment that it all started to go wrong'. Oh really? I never would have guessed except for being saved by the narrator. Normally films that make this mistake do so only in the beginning, but Coixet trots out the narrator again and again. Add to that a weak overall plot and you are left slightly annoyed and bored. I will give that that cinematography is not bad, so theoretically if you turned the sound off and just watched the pretty pictures is would be a passable film. Not worth the time.

Joshua N (de) wrote: There are moments that are pretty cheesy, but still enjoyed this.

Erin S (au) wrote: This was...odd. It had some interesting moments, but it didn't really hold my attention.

John T (ca) wrote: So... this was kind of shitty. The only thing in this that made it watchable was the crazy video game and anime shots in it. It was long and weird and slow moving and a bit confusing and boring. There were a few cool scenes like when someone get's shot, and seeing Cloe Sevgny naked playing video games is pretty cool.... so... yeah...

Andrew L (nl) wrote: While not without its flaws, "Small Soldiers" is still a fun movie even if there are some ripoff scenes or weak writing.

Kyle E (ca) wrote: Jim Carey is good in this film.

Kevin B (us) wrote: If for nothing else, you MUST see this movie for the delivery of the following line: "Now that Tom is dead, I want to use his body to create an android-like robot, Mr. Glen. I'd appreciate you approving my application."

Matt H (fr) wrote: Finally watched this to complete my watch of Spielberg's filmography; it doesn't really hold up. Maybe if was fresher at the time, but as a cop/hostage type of movie, it's pretty pedestrian. This story has just been done to death since this was released in other movies and TV. It's kind of boring, which isn't something I get often to say about a Spielberg movie. This is probably one of his more sexual movies, but that's just because of Goldie Hawn really. It's funny to see "Dickless" William Atherton in this, he's a bland lead.

Panayiota K (br) wrote: It started all cute, funny and sexy and then it got pretty annoying. I mean her mother was sick and shit and she was just singing and having fun. Not to mention that when he finally walked barefoot in the fucking park she was grumpy.

Simon T (gb) wrote: Forget the plot, it'll melt your brain. Just revel in the glorious photography, production design and performances - especially Dick Powell as laconic Philip Marlowe, enmeshed like the viewer in double-cross after double-cross: all centering on a missing woman named Velma and a jade necklace. The ultimate film noir.

nathan d (nl) wrote: this was a very immature movie. This was by far Will Ferrel's worst movie Alex Dreger should have played Micheal. It seemed good but it was not, you know zoned it was a very weird movie ecspaccily the scene snowball fight and the story plot is just impossible would go on but I can't cause I do not want to waste my team review this stupid movie. This movie everyone thinks is good but it not that is why i give it 1 1/2 stars. That is 97 minutes I am never going to get back