Kresten, newly wed, is on the threshold of a great career success in his father-in-law´s company. But when the death of his own father takes him back to his poverty-stricken childhood home, far out in the country, his career plans fall apart. For one thing he has to deal with his loveable, backward brother, who is now all alone; for another, he meets a stunning woman who comes to the farm as a housekeeper, in disguise of her real profession as a call-girl.

Kresten has moved from his parents farm on a small Danish island to Copenhagen in order to pursue his working career. When his father dies he has to move back to the farm, where nothing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mifune torrent reviews

Karl G (it) wrote: LMAO what a bad film! Even getting it free from PSN didn't help! I wouldn't even bother downloading it, not worth the effort!

Phil D (us) wrote: A very good film base on a true story bout gangs drugs guns prison father saves son type film.

John D (jp) wrote: The only movie I've seen that's so shit I turned it off.

Shane B (br) wrote: Very funny movie, I found it funny and my daughter loves it. Holt is an all star in the movie

Greg M (us) wrote: This is truly great entertainment, and fun at the movies. Nothing deep about this one, just a buckle your seatbelts, swashbuckling adventure, and a very quick two hours ;-)