Mijn Vader is een Detective: De Wet van 3

Mijn Vader is een Detective: De Wet van 3

When detective Max is hired by fourteen-year-old Mara to find her missing mother, his son, Sam, and Sam's friend Ortwin start to worry. Max doesn't realize that Mara's a witch, and Sterre, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mijn Vader is een Detective: De Wet van 3 torrent reviews

Anoop K (fr) wrote: An entertaining political thriller.. climax though isn't impressive!

Stefan N (ru) wrote: Polish cinema has at last produced an understandable movie. Loved "Bridge of Spies" more in terms of "show" but I rate this movie much higher in terms of authentic representation of Polish climate of those years.

James L (mx) wrote: Part 5 of this never ending saga, offers some of the best action sequences we've seen in any of the previous films. However, the storyline is just far too complicated and silly to make for anything more then a late night popcorn flick. At this point I just have to keep watching in hopes the next installment may be better then the first 5.

Edwin R (jp) wrote: Toda una leccin... La vida debera ser simple. El escarbar en nuestras propias races nos puede hacer ver nuestro presente y futuro de una forma distinta.

Robert I (gb) wrote: Keira? Robin Hood? Too hot... Fetish overload!

Felipe Q (fr) wrote: Um thriller de suspense liderado por performances do elenco fortes construdos em torno de uma histria um tanto implausvel.

Laurie C (de) wrote: Jason Alexander at his best period. This movie is outstanding from beginning to end!

Shanna x (mx) wrote: I love ElVis what can I say!!!

Alexander H (br) wrote: About Last Night seems to be at the highpoint of barren love and articulate smug. One of the best romance movies of the 80's with an amazing cast and hilarious dialogue.

Moss F (br) wrote: Great story about life and the decisions we have to make. Good cast, DVD looks great on the new wide-screen TVs.

savannah b (br) wrote: weird..jk i liked this movie

Angie T (de) wrote: I really liked this movie that I may buy it one day. Even though Cagney was older in this movie he still did a great job! Loved the drama on Lon Chaney's life even though if some of it wasn't true.

Tanner M (br) wrote: Probably my favorite of the Frankenstein sequels. This movie was creepy, and epic with a creepy igor, and exellent acting I loved this sequel.

simon S (gb) wrote: Good true story warms the heart

Adam W (it) wrote: Slow to get going and pretty shallow by the end.The cgi is off the scale in this monkey fest, where a chimpanzee achieves enlightenment and then spreads it to other apes.Its basically a tale of slavery and empowerment.Like I said pretty slow..

Sean D (gb) wrote: This film couldn't have been any further out of left field if it tried. In one corner we have the beautiful and sultry Kate Beckinsale who has a spot-on American accent. Why did they make her American? I have no clue. Then we have her hubby, Luke Wilson. Them alone in a film that's outside of their typical genre (unless you count Underworld as horror, but even monster horror and slasher / torture horror are two completely different subgenres of horror).. The plot is pretty cookie-cutter. We have a separated couple that is getting a divorce based on events that happened that led to the death of their child. A plot like that, has been seen before in slashers. As the film continues, the married couple grows stronger and rekindles their love. The weirdo antagonists in the film basically like illegally filming snuff films in motel rooms...I have no clue. It was a pretty shitty plot. This film is more fun because of the AAA actors involved in an anything but AAA film.