Mike Tyson: The Inside Story

Mike Tyson: The Inside Story


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Todd S (gb) wrote: What a great idea for a movie, a supernatural horror flick, that was actually filmed at Alcatraz prison. There were a dozen ways to make this film work, even on a shoestring budget, unfortunately they didn't use any of them. The story begins with a construction crew doing renovations on the old prison, which is now a national park. The team uncovers a sealed off room and when they begin digging, they find human remains. Did the body belong to a guard or a prisoner? No, they belong to Native American, who would have died long before the prison opened, but was somehow found inside this room. After a long period of non-sense, it is discovered that the body is cursed, and causes anyone who comes in contact with it, to go on a killing spree. This could have been a great mystery about some crime at the prison that was never known or solved. Maybe it could have been a good ghost story, but no, it had to be some weird possession story, that made no sense what-so-ever. The story starts out interesting, but quickly becomes a complete joke. The writing is horrendous and performed by a less than adequate cast. The only name of recognition was Jose Solano, a soap actor, who was on Baywatch the last couple of seasons. For some reason, he is in a wheelchair and does nothing but joke about being crippled. Sometimes really bad Horror films can get away with cheesy acting and a bad story, as long as they make you laugh, but there is nothing funny about this movie. Even though it has a creepy cover and was filmed in a really cool location, Curse of Alcatraz fails to deliver and is a complete waste of time.

Marco S (br) wrote: Y porque no le puedo poner cero estrellas... qu cosa ms horrible, y qu risa... Stephen Baldwin, dios, qu crack de la mediocridad :D Pobre hombre...

Paul C (br) wrote: It seems like every movie critic gave this film perfect ratings. This is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. Don't waste your time with this one, you'll thank me for it later.

Kenny O (fr) wrote: Bob Crane story!Just!

Zachary J (fr) wrote: My only disappointment was that they never find the brother.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Horrendously unfunny and EXTREMELY slow.

Peanut B (it) wrote: Whitney Houston is gorgeous in this movie, Angela Bassett's talent shines despite the very predictable script, and Loretta Devine's strut from her neighbor's moving truck back to her house could set Lake Tahoe on fireEvery "bad", negative, or unimportant character in this movie is white. The accountant from Bernadine's husband's firm is white (and gets a huge slap across her face, because yeah, get it white women, you whores and home-wreckers!), the girl fooling around with Gloria's son is white (what a slut!), the judge that pronounces an unfavorable verdict is white (ahhh don't get me started! The rage against old white powerful men can be felt through the screen), the bride and groom who dare to be having their pictures taken as Bernie leaves the court house (how dare you, white people, to be happy at such a time as this!). The best part of the entire movie is probably the naivete of it. You can definitely tell the movie was made in the 1990s - and it's not a bad thing. In fact it's quite nostalgic to look at the hairstyles, outfits, and makeup of those days, and to remember how people were slightly nicer to each other than now. It's very relaxing to watch a movie that doesn't involve guns or violence and this movie is definitely like that. The scene between Savannah and her lover from the past (Kenneth) had me turn away and not look at the screen for a few moments. I then ran to my kitchen and had a jalapeno pepper sprinkled with Sriracha sauce, hot sauce, and a good helping of salt, all to cut down the sugary-sweet mushy stuff happening on the screen. "I love you Savannah, I know I am married"....bleeeergh.The verdict: I enjoyed watching Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett do some excellent work. Would not watch another movie or read a novel by Terry McMillan, though.

Sam H (jp) wrote: Amazing. (Not as good as musical on broadway)

Simon D (es) wrote: Peter Jackson, how on earth did you get to where you are today after making films like this. This is a pretty bad spoof on the Muppets where most of the characters are perverted beasts. Yes, I know that, to some of you, this sounds like a right laugh, but it isn't. The jokes are juvenile, either about sex or some bodily excretions. The whole film looks very cheap, although I doubt it was, and badly made. Some better jokes and more effort gone into the production design and this might not have been so bad.

Randy T (ru) wrote: The story of an unexpected, atypical lesbian romance set in 1950's Reno, Nevada.If you're willing to overlook the low production quality and a few stiff performances, there's a very interesting film here. Helen Shaver is absolutely gorgeous and Audra Lindley (aka Mrs. Roper) impressed almost everyone with her portrayal of the loving but closed-minded stepmother. Overall, an enjoyable, unearthshattering respite from the never-ending onslaught of 'conventional' cinema.

Jordan D (jp) wrote: Cheesy B - Movie that was extremely funny! The actor couldn't see out of The Fly head... he bumped into so many things

Martin T (kr) wrote: I knew nothing at all about this film going into it, so I was surprised to learn that Chaplin isn't in it. Which was fine with me. It's a run-of-the-mill melodrama contrasting the petty lives of the idle rich with the hardships of the working class, done with some degree of elegance but nothing spectacular. A little too blatantly moralistic for my tastes.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Tim should go back to making quality films like Ed Wood. Maybe needlessly filmed in black and white, but it works and you forget you're watching a film absent of color. Is there any role Depp doesn't do well?

Nicholas H (us) wrote: I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would, though it gets bogged down in its infinite negativity from time to time.

Diana M (mx) wrote: i would like to see this, was told about it last week