Film starring Dev Anand, Geeta Bali and K.N. Singh

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Milap 1955 full movies, Milap torrents movie

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Milap torrent reviews

Bryan W (fr) wrote: Not to bad. Funny in spots may be relate able to someTwo 40 olds experiencing life through Apatows eyes. Teenage hormones, new pregnancy, family issues and problems

Topi T (it) wrote: T elokuva kertoo kahdesta vihaisesta punapst, jotka yritt pst Irlantiin. Kyll tn kerran katto ja olihan ts Vincent Cassel joka on aina hyv.

Tasha C (fr) wrote: It's a film/documentary of various perspectives from both men and women (of diverse backgrounds). A VERY interesting discussion topic/starter. Take-away: A strong woman is a woman who has weathered many storms without losing the goodness of her character. Hmmmm....I may let my son pick movies more often. :)

Michael F (mx) wrote: This movie is definitely too much. I had to cry all the time.

Christina M (es) wrote: This movie cover was very apealing to me.. being an only buyer i bought it without knowing anything... and i was satisfied.. this is the film that i let people borrow because i know that no one has ever heard of it...

Hannah R (mx) wrote: Rani and Salman together are pretty cute. And Amitabh and Hema, of course! But there wasn't a lot of interest to the film-- it's not one I am going to have all my friends over to watch.

Jigar S (mx) wrote: Excellent Music, Brilliant direction and exceptional acting by KayKay, Shiney Ahuja and Chitrangada.

Blair K (de) wrote: probably not to everyone's taste but i liked it. not mainstream and to me that is what makes it standout. interesting characters.

Logan M (gb) wrote: It's good, but kind of creepy under the surface.

Simon T (ru) wrote: Wonderful showcase for Fred Astaire's astonishing tap-dancing. Here he's partnered with the equally fleet Eleanor Powell and George Murphy in a typical backstage melodrama. Very attractively performed by the entire cast, and sprinkled with bonkers comedy spots. Great stuff.

Larry S (it) wrote: Terrible in any way one can imagine. Who writes this stuff. Bury your head in shame. Same for the actors. Terrible.s

Cam E (au) wrote: I thought this film might have been good but judging by the reviews it looks rubbish.

Ryan M (nl) wrote: Not sure what the goal of this film was. A bit all over the place. What's the message?

Jordan P (it) wrote: Meet the Blacks uses one of horror's most timely entries as the basis for a potential-packed horror comedy, but its incomprehensible dialogue, racial stereotypes, achingly overstretched length, erratic pacing and shortage of scares or laughs only underscore its embarrassing lack of competence.