Miley - Naa Miley - Hum

Miley - Naa Miley - Hum

A tennis player incurs his pushy divorced parents' displeasure when he pretends to fall for a struggling model.

A tennis player incurs his pushy divorced parents' displeasure when he pretends to fall for a struggling model. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy C (au) wrote: Though HK film always known for its "rubbish", but this little comedy is quite warm. Worth to watch.

stefano l (us) wrote: I didn't understand any of it, but in the end I don't even know if understanding it's a point or not. I liked it anyway, because I think that this always present silcence give to the movie a great strenght.

Jonathan P (au) wrote: Not sure what the huge portions of hate are all about. Granted their really is very little story (and the story that is there is absurd) but action is realistic enough to not be insulting and the money spent on production made it look enough like an A grade film to merit at least on good comment among the 100 horrible reviews. Again Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever isn't great nor is it really good but it is better than the rap it has been given.

Emil P (au) wrote: Just go see it already!

John B (gb) wrote: This tale of a poor black family in the post slavery period is a good but not great early attempt to investigate the continuing influence of racism in the deep South. Likely stirring it its time, it has been eclipsed with far better more modern works.

lola y (it) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Lee H (mx) wrote: This is a great film from Bob & Bing. Watch them all.

Justin B (ru) wrote: With its reputation as a controversial cult classic I was expecting a gory, ultra violent time killer but was surprised to find much more underneath the surface. Though there is more than its fair share of disturbing carnage, the film never lets us forget the humanity. Played out more like a series of vignettes, battle royale is a terrifying and heart wrenching macrocosm of actual highschool hierarchy and human behaviour.

Konrad A (gb) wrote: Coach carter is a true story and it is a good movie. I think this movie can teach you how to play basketball. And it all so teaches you school comes first not basketball. But this movie is a good movie. My favorite characters are Damien , Canyon , Junior battle , Kiera. I had a favorite line in the movie!! It is "Coach thing so I can play college ball!! So how am I going to do that and raise a baby."Kiera says "What are you saying you want out!!" That was a saying from the trailer, And the music to this movie was great it's good music! A lot of the music is rap. So if you like basketball you should watch this movie. This is high school basketball. And for having it be a true story it is a good movie!!!

Brian C (us) wrote: Props for being different and pursuing some original ideas. That being said, what is theoretically interesting becomes ... just a lot to deal with. There are some really sweet, wonderful moments and some funny moments; and then some incredibly dark and violent and over-the-top gruesome moments. It has some third-act problems in particular. It's just kind of all over the place tonally and logically.