Millennium Baby

Millennium Baby


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Nandita A (gb) wrote: oh'come on, what was it??????

Aleki K (mx) wrote: very hot..................

Stefan G (it) wrote: Right off the bat, this film makes me think, why do so many Hollywood directors aim for high-brow concepts and attempt to present them in the form of pretentious family films? Ever since Steven Spielberg's E.T., it seems like every film director wants to do this at some stage, and this film fails both as a show of sappy family-friendly sentiment, and as an intelligent sci-fi film (if you can this film intelligent). The story is so poorly written that it's an astonishing mess. I get that the writers tried to grapple with a lot of challenging subjects, but this entire film is the wrong way to do it. The story starts out as a schmaltzy family flick with a robot, and then progresses into an even more schmaltzy drama about the same robot tying to be more human. Towards the end, the film goes on a torrential flood of illogic so quickly that it's almost baffling. The film goes on and on about its robotic main character trying to establish himself as a human being, to the point of wanting death, but the cold hard fact is that if you were a robot to begin with, you will always be a robot. Perhaps I'd be more comfortable with the film if it delivered its message without all the sappy, pretentious noise typical of family fare, and the performances don't help the cause at all. Through it all, the film's biggest direction was that it lacked the kind of direction and heart that it desperately needed to get its message across, and the end result is somehow more mechanical the man the writers expect us to love.

Manal S (mx) wrote: Orlando! The human predicament incarnated in a poetic piece of art. The movie is far from being entertaining; however, I couldn't get rid of that urge to watch it twice and thrice because it simply challenged my mind. For me, it was like reading a beautifully rhymed poem in a strange language. I had to see it more than once to understand every word, every gesture, every look. An in the process, I discover something new. Despite the strong feminist undertones, the movie generally ponders on the human existence presented by the tiresias-like symbolic figure Orlando, the androgynous lord who lives for more than four centuries discovering the true nature of death, love, poetry, politics, society, and sex. Orlando is a must-see if you want to keep your mind buzzing for days. One important lesson I learned from this movie: Tilda Swinton is an acting goddess!

Saralynn S (ru) wrote: I enjoyed the take-away theme of the movie.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww...

Greg W (mx) wrote: good doc and one of the first I saw that got me into documentaries

Jennifer P (gb) wrote: Jack Lemmon, the playboy.

Jennifer B (ag) wrote: made in 1956, I guess you have to allow for date look, , even so, not a film I enjoyedHepburn and Hope an unlikely duo, she has fun, he plays like at Vegas.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: I will consider it a good film adaptation of a famous musical. Rob Marshall is in good shape here and handles everything well, unlike his later joke-alike "Nine". Renee Zellweger, John C. Reilly and Richard Gere are all good, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is the best! Well-deserved for the Oscar.

Jason P (jp) wrote: Hi, Juliet Landau! I'm sorry you have such a terrible agent!