After a fatal accident occurs, Nathan Perry is assigned to the Milwood facility for young adults. During his time at Milwood, Nathan becomes a victim of unforeseen terror and unusual behavior.

Nathan Perry's parents died in a car crash, resulting in the boy being sent to the custody of Milwood, an orphanage managed by Mr. Clemens. Nathan becomes a victim of unforeseen terror while he discloses a dreadful secret of the place.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rick r (ca) wrote: "Mine Games" creates a strong story that manages to be chilling and intense. There is no lag in the time span from when the film starts to when the action begins. The film isn't an all out high production thrill ride but it maintains a steady, entertaining pace filled with creepiness, and excitement. The style is pretty standard as far as horror direction and character definition but the unique blended nature, adding time/space situation on top of mythology, keeps the "cabin in the woods" set-up from being clich or boring. "Mine Games" offers a more cerebral nightmare that never looses total cohesion. The cast deliver pretty believable characters, they are stereotypes scene in horror, however Gray and the writers give enough material to allow the characters feel authentic, convincing, and relatable. The acting never becomes stale or over-drawn. A lot of horror films either play up the clichs until they look clownish or create characters that not even fiction could make believable as friends. "Mine Games" keeps the relationships and social dynamics even keeled enough to make, both the group, as college friends, and the individual interactions seem plausible. The special effects utilized in "Mine Games" are tight. There isn't an exploitative nature to the gore or deaths, but what is scene on film comes across realistic looking. The shadowy nature and fact that almost all of the scenes are in nearly dark areas, or at night, gives the film most of it's spooky quality. The cinematography hearkens back to more traditional methods of straight cam shots, light inflections and natural third person views. With all the gimmicky, modern methods of handhelds, shaky cam shots, or first person view points, it is nice to see some aspects of classic horror story telling style still used. Not that I have a problem with fresh, innovative filming techniques like first person POV or found-footage. Overall "Mine Games" gives us a great nightmare scenario that is well executed. The story is creepy, creative and cerebral. It will not appeal to all horror fans, and there is plenty to get the intellectuals stirred up, with the whole time/space-Ouroboros aspects of the story. Personally I spent a lot of the film wondering what exactly was the real deal happening- was it a "Soul Survivors" situation or was it a take similar to "Triangle". Once I caught up with the true nature of the hell these guys were dealing with I was still compelled to the story. It does weaken a bit toward the end after the big reveal. Not much though, and the time until the ending-when it all becomes clear- isn't all that long, so "Mine Games" works pretty much from start to finish.

Diane M (jp) wrote: I thought my choosing to watch this movie the other night was an act of desperation for any form of entertainment, given the scathing reviews. Who knew - my husband and I loved it. The actors were spot on perfect, the writing and direction sound and subtle. I felt glad to have spent the evening with these characters and the story that was nimbly, gently, and insightfully told. It was a delight to see Barbra S. back in a mature (and that is not a euphemism for old) form of a "type" she has often played - the gregarious woman with a strong personality paired up with an emotionally withdrawn, brainy guy. This time was like the unplugged version - intimate, not broad, real not amplified, and all the richer for it. Seth Rogan is totally her match, and together they are peas in a pod who totally seem to get one another. A lot of fun.

Nicky N (br) wrote: This Was So Confusing.F

Christopher N (br) wrote: One of my favorie Mike Leigh movies

Wagner N (gb) wrote: A feel-good kind of claymation but not too out of ordinary. Overall, it's good.

Paul P (ru) wrote: I really wasn't sure what to expect from this flick and I have to say I was pretty impressed. The 60's and the 70's are recreated really well with an almost sepia tone which really helps to sell the film. Once again, Bale does great work here. As his character questions the choices that he has made, you can see the effects etched in his face. Seriously, is there anything that this guy cannot do? The use of flashbacks to "happier" times are really well used, especially the events in Paris. Sometimes, the premise of the flick is a little heavy handed but this is a minor quibble at best. All told, this is a really watchable film because of Bale and Watson. There is a bit of a TV movie of the week feel but it is elevated by the cast.

Tim H (ru) wrote: One of the better Lovecraft flicks. The gangster subplot seems like an odd addition to the cannibal albino family storyline and more often than not it is what brings the film down. still, there's some great stuff in here.

Michael W (es) wrote: Harrowing journey of two Univ Of Chicago researchers searching for Bigfoot in northern Louisiana swamps. Contains two classic Western actors in Jack Elam and Dub Taylor. Not an endorsement for vacationing in rural Louisiana, although the local females seem willing to please. One of the better sasquatch films of the 70s.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Classic John Wayne war movie.Set in World War 2, a veteran US Marine Sergeant, Sgt John Stryker (played by John Wayne), is given the task of training and leading a squad of largely raw recruits. We see his tough leadership, for their own good, the invasion of Tarawa, more training and, ultimately, the invasion of Iwo Jima.Tough, gritty war movie. Quite realistic and convincing in its portrayal of war, and what goes on to make soldiers ready to fight.Good performances all round. One of John Wayne most famous roles, and a character he was born to play. He doesn't disappoint.Not perfect - there are some sub-plots or scenes that seem quite pointless and/or clumsy, but these are few and far between.Great movie.

Tameeka G (ru) wrote: I liked this action filled movie with a love twist at the end

Scott R (nl) wrote: Informative, but was there much else?

Nate T (fr) wrote: A classic thriller was the first mainstream Polanski film and a must-watch film. Part of The Criterion Collection and on Blu-ray in the US.

Ahmad J (es) wrote: As far as I remember I liked this movie the few times I've seen it. I must have been under 10 and it was on VCR at the time though.

FantasyKitties (ca) wrote: This movie is so awful that it's memorable. This movie was so bad, but I'll never forget it. This movie made me laugh so hard because it was so bad. It is not a good movie whatsoever, but it is a movie people won't forget just by watching the trailer.