Guido is an international journalist with an unusually difficult relationship with his daughter, Mimi. He hasn't seen her for several years and has just taken her away from the boarding school she was immured in. She is now 15, and for some reason is doing everything in her power to get him to have sex with her. She even brings herself to orgasm while lying in the bed next to him. He goes nearly apoplectic trying to avoid her advances. Eventually, her school chum Therese comes to visit them, and Guido at last has a semi-suitable object for his by now quite overheated passions. The story is loosely based on a novel by Guido Morselli.

The fifteen year-old Maria "Mimmina" Luiza leaves the boarding school in Genève to stay in the Bechten Hotel nursing her father, the widower writer Guido, who is paralyzed by rheumatism. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mimi torrent reviews

Greg W (au) wrote: a real waste of a gr8 cast

Asa B (br) wrote: A cracking film about John Lennon's late teens and formative years. Watch it!

Matt D (ca) wrote: so recycling is in..great but having seen this movie a few years ago and being a fan of the first...I keep thinking that "you know a sequel would be great"...then realising with crushing disappointment that they did make one...and it was immensely underwhelming baring one or two good moments.

leondria g (br) wrote: Omg if there were more stars I would give it

erika r (us) wrote: i think this movie was marketed wrong, it's way better than expected. predictable yes, but not bubblegum disney had the edge of a slight an indie teen vibe. fun popcorn film.

Yeleysa C (au) wrote: I wasted my time watching this movie.

Trevor B (ag) wrote: A terrific indie thriller out of Australia. Every scene had me watching intently to figure out what was going to happen next. As it always is in these Aussie films the acting was outstanding once again, and the story was clever and original. They sure know how to make good movies down under. The lighting and cinematography were especially well done and really added to the tense scenes, and the sound also gave the film an additional sense of that feeling. Just an all around great movie.

Johan W (jp) wrote: fanny ardant is excellent in this potrayal of the opera legend ... fantastic score

Millo T (jp) wrote: Good ideas about the relationship among human and gods... About the rest, not much interesting.

Tim S (us) wrote: This is a very cute funny film about baseball. Watch this every spring before opening day of MLB.

Lane P (mx) wrote: Felt like Michael Bay and Al Gore's lovechild.

Atheer O (ag) wrote: One of those movies which would score better on the 2nd viewing.

Peter F (fr) wrote: Terrence Malick crashes and burns. To the Wonder is an attempt at making a meditative film on romance, but it comes off more as hokey with its tedious "love" scenes, laughable dialogue, broken narrative, and heavy-handed symbolism. While at times it can be beautiful, the cinematography doesn't even match what he did in Tree of Life, as it comes off as predictable and tame this time around, nor does this film possess the rich thematic material of Malick's previous work. Honestly, there's no point in me even bringing up the performances. A sexless and meaningless would-be art film, that doesn't exactly raise my hopes for Malick's future projects.