Georgian bush pilot Valentin (Valiko) Mizandari a.k.a. Mimino works at small local airlines, flying helicopters between small villages. But he dreams of piloting large international airlines aircrafts, so he goes to Moscow for refresher courses. There in a hotel he meets truck driver Robik who is given a place in that hotel by mistake, and they have a lot of adventures in Moscow. Always amicable and open to people, Mimino does not feel at home in the big city. Nevertheless, he becomes a pilot of a supersonic jet liner, the Tupolev Tu-144, flying all over the world. But feeling homesick, he finally comes back to his native town of Telavi in Georgia, to his family and friends.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Georgian,Russian,English,Armenian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   mountain,   russia,  

Pilot Mimino works at small local airlines in Georgia, flying helicopters between small villages. He dreams of piloting large international airlines aircrafts, so he goes to Moscow for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(jp) wrote: Did I watch the whole movie? No. Do I need too? No. That's how bad this movie is. I don't even remember what it's about, and I don't want too.

Jenny N (ru) wrote: It was interesting. I liked it for the most part...on imdb i'd rate it a 6/10 which converts to 3/5. The only thing i had a problem with is that it seemed to end too soon. And she never did get with Peter :(.

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: It's a movie that didn't need to be made but it makes sense that it was.

ken j (es) wrote: When a man takes his girlfriend to the movies he never knew just how long this movie would be. When his car stalls and he is stuck overnight he wakes up to find out that he might never leave this drive in again cause it turns out this one just happens to be run by the government to keep the outcasts and misfits locked up where they now are left on there own and fed a steady diet of junk food music and movies but of course this guy doesn't plan on staying forever and is always looking for a way out, I honestly enjoyed this movie but that's just me i don't think i can recommend this for everyone as it falls under the cult B movie genre and those movies aren't for all tastes

Iain S (ca) wrote: Good extension of the classic show, let down by all the Cliff Richard rubbish in the middle

JeanPaul S (br) wrote: Has an amusing cameo by Clint Eastwood, and a scene where Gill-Man tips a car off a cliff - just for kicks. Overall, it's entertaining if unspectacular.

GM W (gb) wrote: Awesome movie, Richard Donner's Director's cut is better that the original cut.

Bjrn C (ca) wrote: The script is cutting and witty, Campbell Scott plays the character at the EXACT pitch required. Entertaining in many ways.

Tim R (ca) wrote: Daniel Radcliffe in another must see movie with some very interesting stuff!