Trainees in the FBI's psychological profiling program must put their training into practice when they discover a killer in their midst.

In Midhunter program, young trainees finds out that one of them is a killer and their lives are at stake. How can they deal with this issue? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mindhunters torrent reviews

Hossein A (gb) wrote: Who says it is a good movie? The more I think about the movie the more I come to hate it. I see no artistic value. This is just a movie to show opposition. But this is not everything. The characters are not touchable. The storyline in some points is really hard to follow. Although I'm neither a movie freak nor a critic, but everyone having seen some of the top movies of the world, can understand that it's not a good movie at all. I don't know how the 85% of the critics gave the film a positive review.

Edward C (fr) wrote: I wanted so to like this movie. Being from Baltimore, and having grown up in a social milieu not very dissimilar from the characters created by Porterfield, I was prepared to give it more than the benefit of the doubt. But it was so poorly acted, the narrative so confused, and filmmaking so naively and obviously straining to be arty, I could only cringe. Worst of all, though, is that at heart PUTTY HILL is a tedious morality tale that imagines its insights to be original and provocative. There is an ugly hint of contempt.

Mark L (ca) wrote: Could this be the worst movie of all time. its gotta be a close call. Horrendous in every department. No characters make sense there all idiots, around 15 people die in the first 45 mins we don't even know who they are just random divers and surfers also no one seems to care. I mean i have seen some pap in my time but this might just take it. The best part it runs in at a hefty 3hrs long 3HRS!!!!. you may call me a idiot for sitting through it and im going to have to agree with you. "its a shark swarm, its... growing"

Joe H (ru) wrote: This is a documentary about extreme skiing. It tried to let me fall asleep while watching on DVD. It was also kinda boring for me but I needed to know a dangerous situation for my future skiing events. My sister's brother-in-law from Jackson Hole, Wyoming follows both alpine skiing and mountain climbing too. NO NEED to watch this movie if you don't follow alpine skiing & snowboarding.

Jamie S (mx) wrote: This was surprisingly a very good story. I was expecting a better ending though.

Diane S (de) wrote: Steve Zahn saves the day. Alex Frost as a John Cusack wanna-be does his best to portray a romantic baseball idealist. The script falls apart in the second half and could have used some serious editing to keep the dream alive.

Pablo E (it) wrote: Una mirada muy humana de enfrentar la cada del muro de Berln es la que presenta Wolfgang Becker. Un joven Daniel Bruhl interpreta a Alex, el hijo de una mujer socialista que cae en coma das antes de la cada del muro de Berln. Alex decide esconderle a su madre los cambios que vive el mundo afuera de su pieza. La banda sonora de Yann Tiersen es ya un clsico. Muy recomendable.

Abel D (gb) wrote: Somehow even sillier & crasser than its predecessor, Ace Ventura 2 is not without a few hearty laughs, even if it's more pandering. Once again, the mania of Carrey as the manic pet detective goes a long way to making a lot of slapstick and sometimes tasteless gags actually playful and zany.

Dan S (nl) wrote: Better than I thought it would be. But still a typical B-movie.

Ana P (kr) wrote: Amei!! Histria linda!!! Paisagens maravilhosas!

Alberto M (fr) wrote: De todas las peliculas de John Waters, con excepcion de las que hizo post Hairspray, esta siento que es la menos lograda. Hay algo que no cuadra, no se si sea la ausencia de Divine, la historia que no involucra la neurosis urbana o de plano lo malogradas que resultan algunas de las ideas que expone el director. La pelicula se salva por Mink stole y por Edith Massey, por supuesto, pero fuera de ello es francamente abismal.

Liam U (kr) wrote: Decidedly average Meyer flick. Pretty typical. It's watchable, but only just.

Stevie S (ru) wrote: Yup. this movie and Stepmom are what fed the monsters in my nightmares as a child. (monsters being creeper angels and crying middle-aged women)

Jim S (br) wrote: Very strange movie definitely in the weird Cronenberg style. It's listed here as a comedy but I didn't find anything very funny. It's a bizarre take on the ins and outs of the minds of Hollywood. The acting is pretty good (it's almost like Julianne Moore is channeling Lindsay Lohan). I don't think I really liked it very much; it's just way too strange and not really my cup of tea.

Henry B (gb) wrote: An amazing and thoroughly amusing film, it is probably one of the best films that I have ever seen. The cinematography at the start and the action at the end thoroughly compliment the comedy throughout. This film is definetely one of my top 10 favourites.