Revolting mutants hunt human outcasts and underground fighters (Bruce Campbell, Marta Alicia) in a future world of mind control.

A young woman named Judy rebels against the status quo in a world where most of the land are desolate wasteland scattered with highly radioactive leaving normal human no other choice to survive other than spending all their time relying on virtual fantasies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mindwarp torrent reviews

Dustin I (ag) wrote: While not a total failure, it does tend to fall into typical horror sequel syndrome. I'm not sure if you can even call this a sequel, more of a re-imagining. All the characters are the same except this time Gerri is, none other than, the Countess Bathory herself. The story isn't half bad and all the actors put in their best efforts save for one, Charlie. I felt like this guy needs some serious acting lessons. He wasn't terrible but he's about as wooden as they come. The sets and sequences are actually very intriguing and worth savoring! The director seems very accomplished. With a bit more of a budget and a tighter script, this movie wouldn't be as mediocre as it feels.

Stephen Sparky P (kr) wrote: Worst Mormon comedy ever.

Javier B (mx) wrote: excelente pelcula,,, excelente muy bien echa,

Andy D (nl) wrote: Some pretty cool special effects and such, but besides that not much. Would be nice in blu-ray...

Ken S (br) wrote: This sequel is not nearly as bad as I went in expecting. Johnny 5 is still cool and this time he is getting input in the big city. Gone is Guttenberg and Sheedy (though she does have a brief line of recorded dialogue). Returning is Fisher Stevens, whose Ben comes off less irritating and slightly racist caricature this time around, maybe because he isn't as one note and just mixing up English phrases and talking about women in a creepy way. Also joining is Michael McKean, who I always like. The film's plot begins with Ben and McKean trying to sell robot toys to a big toy company, and having Johnny 5 come in from Montana to help assemble them, but he gets into trouble with big city life. The plot feels kind of bloated with the whole bank robbing storyline, but it is still a mostly fun flick...not perfect, but a fun movie if you liked the first. I wouldn't give this the same level of quality as the previous film, but it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Joe T (jp) wrote: Parts were OK, I guess.

Jos M (mx) wrote: Mrs Davis , incredible perfomance!

Adriana C (fr) wrote: great and excellent movie

darth v (br) wrote: This was a very average movie with good stars and lots of potential. If instead of Walden media it had been Syncopy or Lionsgate, it might have been a much better movie. Much lost potential.