Mini's First Time

Mini's First Time

Desperate to be free from her drunken, unloving mother Diane, the beautiful, scheming young Mini seduces her stepfather Martin and soon convinces him to join her in a sadistic scheme to have Diane declared insane. But their conspiracy soon escalates to murder and when John Garson, a young detective starts investigating, Martin and Mini begin to turn on each other.

A rebellious girl hooks up with an escort agency where her stepfather is a client. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norm B (br) wrote: What I like about the movie Thrive:It tells a story of the consolidation of power into the hands of the few, making a case for why chemical and pharmaceutical companies and energy cartels go on wasting the planet. Foster Gamble seems to know his stuff, as he should. As he points out, the intent of his Princeton education was to groom him to take his place among the power elite. So, we must assume that he is giving us the inside scoop. We're in deep deep doo doo, all of us, and we must come to terms with our situation. In the face of extreme environmental degradation and catastrophic effects of climate change it's life or death for pretty much everyone. Knowing the forces we're up against is very important. Gamble lays it out fairly well.What I don't like about the movie:So much time and resources spent on an imaginary source of free, abundant energy. All I get to see, as viewer, is a purple doughnut cartoon superimposed on a coffee table while folks whose credentials and reputation we are supposed to hold in high regard hang out and talk about this as some god-like answer. FREE ENERGY! FOR EVERYBODY! Sorry, but this reminds me of a bar band in Houston called Free Beer. Every time I've encountered something that was too good to be true, it was. The internet, especially YouTube, is loaded with it. What does it say to people when you say "we can have it all free, for nothing" yet can't even be demonstrated? So please, show me. To tell the truth, I feel kinda ripped off when it's something I can only imagine, but isn't actually being done, or is being faked.I love technology. I can also be fine without most of it. I'd say our biggest problems are spiritual, not political or technological or whatever. I do believe that for a long time we have had technologies, both social and mechanical, that would enable us to live on this planet sustainably. Buckminster Fuller, Royal Rife, Nikola Tesla and scores of others have given us things we haven't begun to explore. In the US at least, we've become accustomed to our drunken orgy of cheap energy. Like we're entitled to all we can take. At the same time, in the past 150 years, we've all but forgotten ancient knowledge that has allowed us to survive, even thrive, with the limitations of the world for millenia. The notion of unlimited, free resources is what has trashed so much. It may not be a popular idea, but the big lesson we need to learn concerns our limits.

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Emer L (ru) wrote: Local town story of resident trying to make it into the big time. Chris Pine is subtle and slow moving into an obvious laid back storyline.

Igor M (gb) wrote: Tough movie, get yourself ready to suffer. I have learned through the years that when, while watching a movie, I manage to get angry, that means that I am in front of a great work. This is a great movie, simple but true. Watch it.

Alexander P (au) wrote: A pristinely-shot, bona fide gangster film, that gives an exceptional panorama of the Neapolitan mafia. No-frills and frighteningly real. 9/10

Stefan L (au) wrote: while the story is of great poignancy, and so well acted by broadbent and firth, what i liked best was the style the film had, which could otherwise have been quite mundane, the flashbacks, reflections and photography meant it always remained interesting

Jake M (mx) wrote: A glorified re-enactment which offers little more than a Wikipedia entry on the subject.

tom s (it) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Laurie L (gb) wrote: I had the soundtrack for a few years & finally saw the movie.

J M (de) wrote: Not your average cross-generation buddy picture. Better! Forster!

Nelson C (ag) wrote: jamie foxx cant go more low than this!!!

Tim M (us) wrote: The outlandish story and exceptional soundtrack ("Goblin" and "Motorhead") make this Argento's best. Camp giallo fun.

Reece L (es) wrote: Filled with uncharacteristic slapstick and verbal non-sequitars, "Sleeper" is perhaps Allen's most out-there film ever.

Joe A (nl) wrote: Count Yorga, Vampire was originally written as a soft core porn film and while there are slight hints of this left in the flick, (and some prints are actually called The Loves Of Count Yorga, Vampire) star Robert Quarry (Yorga) refused to do the movie unless it was done as a straight horror. And while this 1970 cult classic does have a bit of a reputation, it is actually a bit talky and tame by today's standards. Quarry plays Bulgarian vampire Count Yorga who has moved to L.A. and set his fangs on a group of friends by assimilating himself into the group by dating one's mother who then mysteriously dies (mysteriously...cough,cough). He then gains their trust by trying to consol her daughter with a seance. Soon, one by one, the count goes after the women of the group to start his vampire harem. It's up to the men, along with a doctor friend, to stop him. Quarry makes a good vampire here, he is handsome and mysterious and can exude a calm menace when Yorga needs to be threatening but, he isn't given all that much to do as there is a lot of scenes with characters sitting around talking and very little actual action. Quarry is definitely key in making the scenes that are effective work especially when the film finally picks up a bit in the last act. But, the rest of the cast is rather bland and I thought it was really odd that the first character to suggest the work of a vampire, is the doctor who, as a man of science, should be the most skeptical. Also amusing is how quickly the rest go along with it. The film is directed in a pedestrian manner by writer/ director Bob Kelljan (Scream, Blacula, Scream) and while he does give us some effective scenes, (the cat, the last act in Yorga's mansion) in general the film could have used a bit more atmosphere, tension and good old fashioned scares. Yorga is classified by some as a classic 70s horror flick and it does have that nostalgic charm but, there were other 70s vampire flicks like Blacula and Night Stalker that just have more bite.EXTRA TRIVIA: in a move that echos some of today's big studio decisions, Yorga had a number of gore scenes removed to get a PG rating and reach a larger audience. Today on DVD, those scenes are restored and the film is now rated, ironically, PG-13.

Cindy I (it) wrote: Excellent prison escape flick with Burt Lancaster butting heads with sadistic guard Capt. Munsey (a young Hume Cronyn -- imagine a more vicious version of Percy from The Green Mile). Several inmates at Westgate prison have come up dead or injured, and there is some suspicion that Munsey's way of doing his job may be to blame. There are several pretty shocking scenes, and the scene where Munsey literally beats information out of one prisoner has an almost homoerotic S/M feel to it. The climactic battle between the guards and the inmates is as exciting as anything Hollywood has come up with in recent years, and the ending is satisfying. Highly recommended.

Joshua L (de) wrote: It took me forever to finally watch this. This movie is fuckin jokes but also just a nice story.

Ryan P (nl) wrote: A satisfying swan song for one of the true grandmasters of cinema.

Shaun L (de) wrote: this is the one Hellraiser movie I can't remember much it must have not been very good.

Lacey E (br) wrote: Wasn't as scary as I thought it would be because the creatures weren't that scary. But I liked the story and the actors. Had a sad yet good ending