Minor Mishaps

Minor Mishaps

Minor Mishaps is the story of a family's reaction to the untimely death of their matriarch, examining the effect of the tragedy on John, her husband, who is himself ill, his daughters, Marianne and Eva, and their friends and family. When a man's wife dies in an accident, his children return home to deal with the tragedy together. The film throws a spotlight on each of their lives as they confront the changed dynamic in the family and their own lives, with some surprises, revelations and false accusations occurring along the way.

When a man's wife dies in an accident, his children return home to deal with the tragedy together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (gb) wrote: A ghost story about an Australian couple who spend 10 days alone on an uninhabited but haunted island. Ultimately disappointing. Misses on several opportunities to scare and has an ending that just doesn't make sense.

Aiu N (ag) wrote: Everything Ezra takes into the screen, he leaves making a big impression, making you believe it's real. This started out shallow but ended in a very good note. Love it!

Joel A (fr) wrote: A really uniquely paced somewhat frustrating drama staring Daniel Craig. I really see why many actors avoid James Bond or Mega Mainstream series you definitely became typecast.I didn't hate the film but I found it frustrating the tempo was sombre & the mood very melancholy.The film ties up nicely but it drags mid way something fierce. It had some beautiful shots but failed to grab me overall...

Gargi R (au) wrote: i luvd the movie too...especially the songs...very catchy...i can keep watchn it agen n agen..

Tim G (br) wrote: I very much liked houseguest I thought Phil Hartman and Sinbad were very goodtogether and Sinbads character is kind of like Jim Belushis character some in the film taking care of business

Lee M (ca) wrote: Border Radio bears the influence of Jim Jarmusch. It goes for the same kind of meandering ordinariness that was the hallmark of early Jarmusch classics like Stranger than Paradise. This is a difficult conceit to manufacture, however, you have to have a special eye for it. Either none of the three directors were cut out for this kind of storytelling or there were too many cooks in this kitchen, and so no real direction could be found. Nonetheless,it is an interesting attempt at portraying the post-punk L.A. scene.

Lewis E (ru) wrote: Aside from a few intriguing character back-stories, there is little redeeming about a basketball film which offers way too many over-sentimental moments accentuated by non-stop feel-good music whilst presenting practically no technical knowledge about the game. A very by-the-numbers sports drama.

Alvin Y (de) wrote: Out of all the movies I've seen lately, this one changed the way I watched movies today. A total of 9 1/2 hours, WOW! that's really how long this movie is. Well, it's not I would call a movie nor a documentary either, but I would call it a standard film making that nobody in these days can ever be done. You don't need to care for the plot which is basically it doesn't have any, instead we get to see some people, survivors from the Holocaust, and by their views, messages, reactions, we could feel how exactly they were during those horrible days of their lives. While watching this VERY LONG film, I felt many things but I'll give you one, I felt very emotional and grip by anything that they told in story which is of course true. God, what else to say? I was really impressed by this. I didn't care if the 9 1/2 hours of my life was wasted, the important part is that we learned something not just the Holocaust, but also the stories of those who survive and, I think I'm done here.

David G (jp) wrote: Cold War action-thriller (with a smattering of sci-fi) about a Vietnam fighter pilot veteran who is brought out of retirement and recruited to infiltrate the Soviet Union and steal a top secret, state of the art aircraft prototype. It's a film of two halves: the first your classic espionage thriller with the pilot - Mitchell Gant, played by Clint Eastwood who also directs - meeting contacts, assuming various identities and trying to stay one step ahead of the KGB, the second a bizarre amalgamation of Top Gun and Star Wars. Don't expect any Top Gun-style legit aerial stunt work though, it's all done via some rather dodgy SFX. What makes it so weird is the plane itself - a creation so advanced it can fly at six times the speed of sound (!), is invisible to radar and has thought-powered weapon systems (!!). Seriously, if you want to fire a missile, you THINK it! Why it has to be so over the top I have no idea, it's completely unnecessary and contrasts so much with the down to earth opening acts that it's like watching a completely different film. Still, it's entertaining stuff and the cast is great, so give it a go.

William W (us) wrote: Outstanding. My second favourite Malick film next to Badlands. I'm not sure anyone has ever been better at photographing fire. The only other of his films I have seen thus far is 'To the Wonder', but it's films like this that make me such a lover of cinema. I'm not a Richard Gere fan in the slightest (though I have always loved Brooke Adams), but it's roles like this that cement his reputation as a cinematic icon in my books. I didn't say 'actor' because I'm not really sure that's his strength--it's more a presence, such as Alain Delon in 'Le Samourai'.

Tim M (ru) wrote: Mel Brooks' 'Blazing Saddles' wasn't quite as funny as i remembered from days gone by, but it will still catch you with a few gutbusters, while providing ground breaking comedic set pieces.

VJ B (ca) wrote: Oh Albert Finney! If only this wasn't so one note.

Luca Maria M (us) wrote: Honestly, i've never understood why critics hate this movie. Must videogames movies be bad by default? I didn't play the game but from what i know of it, the nightmarish and disturbing atmosphere of Silent Hill (a game heavily based on atmosphere, from the little i know) is well rendered, so i can't understand why critics are so harsh with it. I found the CGI effect used wisely, not too interfering like in other movies, even if some scenes are totally made in CGI. Perhaps hardcore fans of the game will have a different opinion but i enjoyed it, even if the plot is a bit messy (second time i watched it, it was clearer).

Jamie B (nl) wrote: Soooooo slooooooooowwwwww.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Flawed cinematic poetry.

William James S (ca) wrote: This movie is the definition of "torture porn". It's only saving grace is some decent acting and some pretty scenery.