Miracle on 1st Street

Miracle on 1st Street

In the heart of the small shanty town known as Pine Village, lies 1st Street. The area has been earmarked by businessmen for redevelopment with lush parks and skyscraper apartments. Gangsters have been enlisted by the businessmen to persuade the residents to sell their homes for pennies on the dollar. It turns out that the towns only hope for a miracle may well come from Pil-je, the gangster sent to 1st street to bully the residents into submission.

1st Street is a curious neighborhood untouched by the aids of modern living like proper plumbing and Internet. Pilje cruises into 1st Street with the intention to drive out its inhabitants ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miracle on 1st Street torrent reviews

Jacob G (nl) wrote: Good story, well told. Unfortunately can't put my finger on why, but I was bored at times.

Dana C (au) wrote: Boring. Lame. Am I growing out of weed movies? Probably just the crappy ones.

Maria Fernanda F (de) wrote: great soundtrack by jenny lewis <3

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Meh. kind of lousy and cliche, but it's cool finally getting a female crow...lol