Sometimes, we're just waiting for a miracle. A nurse who is a Jehovah's Witness, grows fond of the miracle survivor of a plane crash. Two sexagenarians, a bartender and a parking lot attendant want to explore their forbidden passions. A conservative, well-off couple drown their disappointments in booze and gambling. And a man does his utmost to make amends for an irredeemable action, bringing us to a plane bound for Cuba. An ensemble film where every character affects the lives of others.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   faith,   destiny,  

Sometimes, we're just waiting for a miracle. A nurse who is a Jehovah's Witness, grows fond of the miracle survivor of a plane crash. Two sexagenarians, a bartender and a parking lot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (ca) wrote: A womanizing bartender (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is addicted to online porn meets a gorgeous woman (Scarlett Johansson) who forces him think for the first time about building a real relationship, but it is a distraught woman (Julianne Moore) he meets at a night class who teaches him that real love and sexual satisfaction comes from a truly mutually caring relationship.

EJ GONZALEZ (gb) wrote: this movie is badass keep it up game

Chris M (jp) wrote: I do like Will Smith, IMO he's always watchable and often improves a film. But even his likeability and charisma can't rescue this. There are nice moments and it's shot beautifully (surely one of the most back-handed compliments about films?!). But it's genuinely overwhelmed by its own sense of gravitas and worthiness that I just got bored by the end.The atonement theme is heavy-handed (why couldn't it have been FOUR pounds?!), and the film almost collapses beneath it. And the longer it went on the more I found myself picking at its (many) contrivances and plot holes (how DO you keep a tropical ocean-dwelling jellyfish alive in an icy bath?)...

Tuomas R (de) wrote: Tss Valley Of The Wolves leffojen ekassa osassa turkkilainen superagentti Polat Alemdar pist Irakissa sikailevat amerikkalaiset (pjehuna Billy Zane) jrjestykseen. Tss ekassa leffassa on vhemmn puuduttavaa toimintaa kuin kakkosessa mutta silti olisi voinut muutaman minuutin lyhent. Mutta kaiken kaikkiaan taas herkullinen islamin vihollisia demonisoiva toimintapljys!

Rudy V (fr) wrote: What a horrible movie and horrible way to waste money! while watching this thing you will be prompted to skip to Sally Field's parts... the rest is sad, retarded black humor and a tetric timeline

Diana W (it) wrote: this is good, real stuff. a must-see for those almodovar fans out there!

Paul H (us) wrote: Someone once told me that this was a "flawless" movie.

Art R (jp) wrote: Movie just wasn't funny at all.

Jared B (mx) wrote: By far the best movie I have ever seen. I can understand how/why some people gave it low ratings due to some of the metaphors and tie-in's to Little Red Riding Hood. Some people can be confused by it, but I think if you're honestly trying to understand the moral of the story you should be able to figure it out. Too many viewers watch movies these days and just expect the moral (If there even is one) to be puked up into their laps repeatedly every 10 minutes.

Charlotte C (it) wrote: [color=black][font='Tahoma','sans-serif']Izzard is God... or James Mason, but more likely to be God. This performance is brilliant - one of his best, yielding some absolutely classic lines. It's a must see.[/font][/color]

Michael T (es) wrote: Intriguing premise, disappointing execution.

Niclas H (ca) wrote: Klassiker, men jag mindes den som bttre...

juanchi g (es) wrote: Incredible! Very violent and way ahead of it's time. James Caan is great! love it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Liam C (mx) wrote: I feel like the spirit of Bob Fosse came back for one last party because his energy is all over this film. The film starts out fast and just keeps going from there and is a fantastic and fun film with absolutely perfect editing. Given the theme and feel, I did expect Roxie to be a bit different but she has her transformation the longer the film goes on, she was great as a puppet though, excellent makeup and acting there. When someone says her name in full, it did make me laugh, I was expecting someone to sing, 'Roxanne'; you would have thought that she would have stopped Amos saying things to the cop before it got too far, though. It did make me laugh that Billy called Amos, Andy, for obvious reasons. Richard Gere though, wow, he has spent a whole career with his co-stars winning Oscars all around him and I still can't believe he wasn't nominated, not just for this but in general. He was excellent in this film, just through and through, excellent, also I loved the way he said 'razzle dazzle'. Zeta-Jones, C. Reilly and Latifah were all excellent as well and just add up to a perfect cast that knock it out of the park. I know the film is a satire and while I liked the story and found it interesting, as well as funny, I can't say that the theme of 'fame is fleeting' and corruption is particularly groundbreaking. When Lucy Liu is introduced it seems natural enough as to what happens next but when the ending happens with someone pulling out a gun on the street, it seemed rather fake, coupled with Roxie's newspaper, covered in water, on the street, however, like I said, it's supposed to be a satire, so that might be the point. I'm aware that some songs are supposed to be metaphors and some represent what a character is thinking but it did bother me that a very small fraction of the songs actually 'happened'. They're all good in their own right, very memorable and fun to watch, with the tap dance part being a particular highlight of what it is meant to represent in its scene, but it just feels like this gives more ammunition to those who think that musicals are pointless because of the singing and some could say they seem like somewhat of an afterthought. But then again, some could argue that if someone thinks like that, then that is their problem and not the film's, which is technically true. I'm sure the success of 'Moulin Rouge!' certainly helped but I think this winning Best Picture was a perfect for its time, not only because it was an excellent film but because of what it has done. Besides the absolute train wreck that is the 75th Academy Awards, with 'Adaptation.' and 'About a Boy' not receiving more love, with 'Gangs of New York' not winning anything and the fact that 'The Pianist' won anything at all is completely 'erroneous', did you see what I did there? I know I'm in the minority, but this winning Best Picture seems right and the fact that '8 Mile' won its Oscar as well helped the musical revival become complete; however, given all this won, I thought it would have won Best Original Song as well, maybe it came in 2nd place, who knows? And hey, Nicole Kidman won an Oscar that year as well, woo. With its excellent music, excellent cinematography and editing and a great cast full of great performances, 'Chicago' is a fun film that I had a blast with, I mean, look at how short this review is, and I am glad that I have finally seen and is another film off of the list.

Joey S (au) wrote: loved this movie yes Honor is the key to everything

Maineutral R (ag) wrote: The comic was far more shorter...and serious (i mean, the designs of the characters here...too cartoonish for what's supposed to be a serious story) but the story did also point far from what the comic did. Superman vs The Elite is a fun, well animated and poignant movie that anyone can enjoy. But of course, i prefer the comics here. That final fight was more bloody on the paper than in the screen.