Mirchi: It's Hot

Mirchi: It's Hot


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Amanda K (br) wrote: this was a horrible, racist, hate-mongering movie that promoted absolute disrespect of parents! the propaganda was just ridiculous! and the quoting of the bible really set me off! this movie is disgusting and i would really like to throw tomatoes at the morons who came up with this movie to indoctrinate our children, my only hope is that parents will watch the movies that they put on for their children.

Philip L (mx) wrote: A sexually charged dark fairy tale with some of the most beautiful visuals since Dario Argento's films of the 70's and early 80's. And thats all I'm going to say.

David S (es) wrote: Quite interesting doc that intertwines one family's exploration of its roots, an investigation of the history of the house that will be moved, and couches that in an examination of the myth of the plantation propagated through books of the 19th and movies of the 20th century. Echoes of Fitzcarraldo and Wild River deepen the themes of Cheshire's film.

Nadya J (it) wrote: This movie was running on one of my channels, so I decided to watch it. I found it very difficult to sit through the entire movie because it was simply terrible. First of all, I'm not an American so I don't know much about Larry the Cable Guy. I haven't seen him in any movies or television series, and after watching this movie I wonder why he's so famous. He was not funny at all in this movie. Second, they show Jenny McCarthy on the poster as if she has a lot to do with this movie, she was probably on screen for about 5-10 minutes in total. They obviously put her on the poster to lure people to watch the movie. So I'd expect Jenny McCarthy fans to be quite disappointed with this feature. Witless Protection was witless and pointless. The movie was all over the place and I did not care much for any of the characters. I would not recommend my friends to watch this movie for any reason. Time would be better spent in any other place.

Duncan S (us) wrote: Simple story about the ups and downs in an old peoples home is nicely played by a recognisable cast, but sems to be saying that all old people are a little bit mad.

Timm S (nl) wrote: An All-American Icon, Based In The Heart Of The USA, Rips The Heart & Soul Out Of Others Business Model. Competing Purely On Price, This Doco Brings To Light The Mammoth Power Of A Retail Business That Takes No Prisoners & Rather, Just Prefers To Own Everything.

Lucy H (mx) wrote: Good film lots of twists and turns

Jesse M (it) wrote: That was unbiblical of this, but this is not DreamWorks best film of all time, but there have circular animal live by against neighbor house. Rj raccoon who have a deal with friend grizzly bear name Vincent both play by Bruce willis and nick volte while group there live in log here name Vernes is turles want have find something everyone is trust meeting what is wrong outside everyone don't go in there. but there have not have straight down the middle what come up with.

Tim S (br) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre is another marvel of filmmaking prowess. It's a beautifully-composed and well-executed film from a man who captivates us all with all of his work. My only problem with the film this time around is the fact that it's so linear that it actually sticks out a bit. Don't get me wrong though. I don't think that it's a defect, but it certainly doesn't require as much brain work as a lot of his films do. The film is gloriously violent and bloody at times, as well as sickeningly beautiful. There are shots that are nasty and disgusting but composed so well that you can't look away. The score is also extremely well-done. It's just another masterpiece from a master filmmaker, and kudos to Severin Films for making the film available on home video in the U.S. where it previously wasn't.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Cooper and Lancaster sporting a disarming but treacherous grin throughout--Cracking 50's twisted Western!!

Joyce H (ca) wrote: terrific satire about the role honor used to play in Sicilian life; if you like this film, be sure to also see "Divorce Italian Style", another great satire on the same subject