Misa mi

Misa mi

When her mother died, 10 year old girl Misa's world stopped. And when her father, along with her new girlfriend, wants to spend the summer in the Swedish province Skåne she refuses to come with them. Misa's father reluctantly agrees that Misa stays with her grandmother in Arjeplog over the summer instead. In the deep forest of northern Sweden Misa find more than she ever could imagine; she meets a wolf with cubs that Misa develop a deep and strange connection with. But the wolf spreads fear in the small village and someone has hired a poacher to kill it and her cubs...

When her mother died, 10 year old girl Misa's world stopped. And when her father, along with her new girlfriend, wants to spend the summer in the Swedish province Skåne she refuses to come ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dominika B (au) wrote: Although the book is better the movie is still worth seeing

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