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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Rae K (ag) wrote: It's a guilty pleasure that I watch for the fashion and terrible quirkiness.

Stig S (jp) wrote: My favourite norwegian movie.

Harry G (gb) wrote: It's a sweet slightly off balance indie comedy with Michael Douglas playing to my mind his most likeable character for decades. Like 'The Tempest' on which it's based, it's slightly confused about it's motives. Part comedy, part adventure, part father-daughter relationship drama, it nevertheless is engaging and fun with Wood's deadpan narration and the bitter-sweet conclusion helping tie up an utterly charming if slightly ridiculous film.

Felipe F (br) wrote: A bit far-fetched on the romance, Absence of Malice compensates with its engrossing plot and solid performances from Sally Field and Paul Newman.

Jayne L (fr) wrote: Ok, it was a long time ago I saw this, and I saw it in black & white, but I loved it. Great song too.

Emre T (kr) wrote: This spare, intense 1950 film, adapted from Georges Bernanos' novel, is Robert Bresson at his greatest and most difficult, building a profound sense of a higher order through its relentless detailing of the cold, small facts of everyday life. A masterpiece, beyond question

Shirley M (kr) wrote: Saw it before and really love her movies

Dillon L (jp) wrote: I love this movie it's full of heart

James R (mx) wrote: This is a more charecter driven film and lt came out around the same time as Platoon did,which is a similar type of film.

Jeremy K (ag) wrote: After Wes Craven's "Scream" resurrected the slasher genre in 1996, it sadly inspired a lot more crap over the next few years. One of the most popular crap slasher films of the time was "I Know What You Did Last Summer."Well, calling this movie crap may seem a bit harsh, because it's not that bad. Based on a 1973 novel of the same name, four teenage friends, Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Barry (Ryan Phillippe), accidentally hit and apparently kill someone with their car while they're out driving one Fourth of July. In a panic, they dump the body in the dockside water and vow to never mention it again. One year later, they start getting notes that read, "I know what you did last summer." Shortly after, they're under attack by a man in a fisherman's slicker sporting a hook. By this point, the friends have drifted apart after the events of the previous year, but they're forced to rejoin and figure out who knows what they did, and who's attacking them now.It's not hard to see why this movie got so popular. It starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was on the TV series "Party of Five," and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was into her second season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." It was also written by Kevin Williamson, who wrote "Scream." Apparently, he actually wrote this screenplay first, but was unable to sell it; however, after "Scream" became such a hit, Columbia Pictures bought the script immediately. And there's an element of mystery to it, and maybe it got teenagers thinking, "Wow, what if that happened to me?"The main problem is that the characters in this movie aren't very likeable. I like how the main characters have distinct traits from each other: Julie is the typical smart girl, Helen is the beauty queen, Barry is the jock, and Ray is...a fisherman, I guess, but he doesn't have much character; then again, he's played by Freddie Prinze, Jr., so I guess it isn't much of a surprise.I like how they clearly have this guilt eating away at them and they have their own different ways of dealing with it. But I really disliked how hot-headed Barry gets the entire movie. Every other minute, he's shouting, nearly assaulting Julie, or making angry threats. And for all of this to come out of Ryan Phillippe, it just doesn't feel natural. There's a way you can make how he acts at least look real, but it just looks awkward with Phillippe in the role. He's just being a jerk for the sake of it.That's another problem I have with "I Know What You Did Last Summer"; there are a number of moments where characters just act really mean-spirited and/or awkward for no good reason. Helen has a sister named Elsa (Bridgette Wilson), who does nothing but act like a bitch and has virtually no purpose to the story, there's this other guy named Max (Johnny Galecki) who only has a few scenes but is rather irritating in all of them, there's this one cop in the third act who acts like an idiot-but I think the meanest, most out-of-nowhere moment in the whole movie came from Julie's mother (Deborah Hobart) nearly half an hour in. Julie is home after a year at college, and her mom is giving her a talk about how she barely hears from her and is worried about her; it's simple enough, but then she says, "Your father must be turning over in his grave." WOW. I thought that was so despicably mean-spirited and unlikeable for her to say. What parent would say that to her child, unless she was acting out or breaking the law? That scene just left me with an ugly feeling inside.Now what do I like? Well, even though I said I don't like the characters, I like the camaraderie between Julie and Helen; I like some of their conversations where Helen reflects on how they used to be such good friends before what happened to them. It powerfully hits there what they've done, and the consequences they're dealing with. They're probably the best actors in the movie, though you'll find better scream queens out there than Hewitt.There are also two scenes where they visit Missy Egan (Anne Heche), the sister of David Egan, whom they believe is the man they had killed the year before because of an obituary Julie read. Those come off pretty well and emotional, and it's a rare decent performance by Anne Heche. And I have to admit, some of the chase scenes are shot pretty well.But then there's the ending, where the whole theme about dealing with guilt, doing the right thing, friendship, etc. all goes out the window. It turns out they didn't kill anyone; in fact, it wasn't even David that they hit. The year before the incident, he had been in a car accident with his girlfriend Susie; he had survived, but she had died, and it was actually her father Ben Willis (Muse Watson) that apparently killed him that night a year later and hid the body before the main four hit him on the highway. That's just lazy, in my opinion. They replaced one story that could have been interesting for a boring, run-of-the-mill revenge story.So after a standard final chase scene on a fisherman's boat with a pointless red herring moment involving Ray, there's a pointless hook for a pointless sequel. Blah, blah, blah, the end. I feel like this movie had a chance to be something really unique and special and thought-provoking, but it just didn't feel brave enough to go that path. As it is, it's a mediocre horror film at best. But it has solid cinematography and atmosphere, it helped jump-start the careers of a number of young actors, and it's at least a million times better than its sequel; but we'll get to that one another time.Overall, I can't really recommend the movie unless you want to see Hewitt as a halfway-decent scream queen and if you just feel like watching a simple slasher romp. I probably wouldn't watch it again, but you can do far worse.

Aman A (ag) wrote: This is a laugh out loud comedy with certain moments of introspection (albeit nothing great). I enjoyed this movie to its fullest. The acting was good and the script had its moments but to be honest, the story was average and the seeming twists were quite obvious. The movie should have had more to offer, but it sadly didn't. The side characters were particularly quite underdeveloped and useless. It would have been better to not include them, than pretentiously suggest they are important. The ending could have avoided all the exchanges between the father and the gay brothers and so on and so forth. Barring that, the central chemistry between "the machine" and Andrew and Hugh was outstanding. Oh, and I loved the end song. I love U2 anyway.

Dan H (gb) wrote: Pretty bad attempt at a scary movie with a dumb ending.

Zach Z (ca) wrote: Lots of moments I never would've seen coming, even by today's (2011) standards. Flaming arrow in the mouth? Damn.

Justin A (us) wrote: A surprisingly good horror movie considering it's from the Troma brand. It's a bit goofier, but it's not that poorly made and it is about as on par as other early 80s slasher movies. It's just a surprising watch that is more harsh than you'd expect. Recommended for slasher fans.