Mishawr Rawhoshyo

Mishawr Rawhoshyo

Mishawr Rohoshyo, a thriller, is The Egyptian Mystery to be solved by detective Raja Roy Chowdhury to unearth an Egyptian fortune. The all's-not-well quest takes Kakababu and Santu into a bumpy ride which finally ends at the baffling Egyptian tombs.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Mishawr Rohoshyo, a thriller, is The Egyptian Mystery to be solved by detective Raja Roy Chowdhury to unearth an Egyptian fortune. The all's-not-well quest takes Kakababu and Santu into a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ronald K (ca) wrote: i don't really get the whole story - the flashbacks don't glue together well enough and i don't know what happened when exactly.from the movie title, i expected Laughing to have turned from cop to triad member. to my surprise, it's the other way around - Laughing was a triad undercover in the Police, who turned into a real cop later on. Police UCs FTW!

Andrea Fox M (ag) wrote: can't find this streaming or on tv anywhere; watched because it came on in the background of a day, and I fell in Love with this movie. Morgan freeman as himself in Target - in awe and wonder at the quality of a t-shirt which is "cut well " has to be one of the best moments

Alexander C (es) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Katherine P (jp) wrote: Brief periods of unsoftened graphic violence and (as the cover shows) allusions to existing discomforts, balanced with moments of beauty, tranquility, and creation. Abstraction without words allows the experience of the film to be more of an interplay between the media and the viewer.

Allen G (es) wrote: "We eat, we s***t, we f**k, we kill and we die." Move on from the history here- it may be set in a time, but its not set in the facts and it doesn't need to be, but if you want something completely accurate this isn't for you. it's a historical fiction. If you want something completely interesting though then it very much is. i'm not sure how this film was marketed- I'm aware that it is considered a historical drama but at no point does it give me the impression that it means it, its too quirky for that and care-free in a sense and that's all we need to see that this is a film about someone's mind rather than simply the events of their life. That mind is left in the more than capable hands of Geoffrey Rush here who gives a captivating performance that's full of energy and intensity. Winslet and Phoenix are also strong along with most of the cast- Caine didn't do much for me here because, well- Michael Caine in a top-hot is Michael Caine in a top hat not Pierre Paul Royer-Collard. Its wonderfully dark and dirty in tone and the script has the smarts to pull it off- its not the most organised of affairs but there's a madness inherent in the minds on show as well as the society of the time, heck, the times themselves were mad so why not have a bit of that in the structure too? There's a quirky slant throughout this film that seeps through to the acting and the plot which will likely push some people away but I liked it. It gives it a playful seriousness that prevents it from becoming too mawkish- this one manages to charm us and disturb us with the same breath. All of this creates a realistic sense of the mind of a(mad?)man but from an outsider looking in, its maybe unconvincing- I think Rush's performance gives us all we need to see where the film is coming from though. There's a lot of meanings that you can take from this one too, which is rare with a film that's main theme in dialogue looks to be sex. It has the darker side though, you'll go from sexual innuendos to serious takes on things such as censorship, self-expression and control and the thin line between perfect sanity and madness. You can take your own things from the movie of course but what's important is that it offers a lot. Its a little melodramatic at times, which fits the tone but it doesn't always seem necessary- in general, there's times when it can leave you frustrated, its a bit of a blunt instrument like that but that's often the price of ambition like we see here- there's a lot on show and it doesn't all work. Overall, this one doesn't fit into a box- that's both a good and a bad thing. Its good in that we get a unique and intriguing piece but its bad in that it feels somewhat sloppy- its easy to judge as an overall experience but in analysing it's individual elements its not so simple- does this succeed as a black comedy? as a drama? as a biography? I think the answer to each of those is no and yet, it certainly succeeds as a film. This film is a lucky one- its failures all help its feeling, when the film begins to sink we sink with it and it all feels like that's how its supposed to be. I doubt that, I think it has its mistakes, but just like with people- films can only be so interesting before they end up being faulted too.

Harriet M (br) wrote: pretty silly, some good effects a lil bit o stop motion fun

John B (nl) wrote: Will Smith's first test of his ability to actually act..and he passes as a wonderful con artist. A good if not great tale.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: She was a dirty jezebel whore A historically closed automated horoscope line has sprung back to life. Some sort of demonic entity has taken over the telephone line and anyone who calls the line dies shortly thereafter or is turned into a demon. Is this the first stage of Satan's apocalypse and return to Earth? "Press 666 for your horoscope." Robert Englund, director of Killer Pad and episodes of Freddy's Nightmares, delivers 976-Evil. The storyline for this picture is nothing special overall but the special effects are okay for the time period and I did find myself interested to see how the film unfolded. The cast delivers mediocre performances and includes Stephen Geoffreys, Sandy Dennis, Jim Metzler, Darren Burrows, and J.J. Cohen. "It's raining fish from the sky." This movie is currently on demand and I remember not hating it when I originally saw this as a kid. I found this film worth following and not a complete waste of time. It reminded me a little of Wishmaster in terms of its quality and entertainment value. This is not a masterpiece or complete waste of time and is definitely worth watching for free off on demand if you're a fan of the 80s additions to the horror genre. "I'd recognize these fingers anywhere." Grade: C/C+

Rob M (jp) wrote: It hasn't aged particularly well and it took me a while to buy into its sub-John Waters aesthetic. But once I did, I was sorry I waited so long to watch it. A sly, goofy black comedy that celebrates (in no particular order) deceit, murder, and cannibalism.

Patryk C (us) wrote: A truly excruciating story about two men's hopes and dreams and their struggle to achieve them. As heartrending as this period film is in its deeply climatic atmosphere, the most harrowing aspect of it is to see the two innocent wife suffer so much pain in the process. It's Kenji Mizoguchi's most magnificent creation, a true masterpiece, the one that gained him critical acclaim all over the world. It's as wild as it is wise, and as haunting as it is deep and emotional. It becomes more and more intense with its crafty plot, and more painful to watch with every minute. While the fate is surprisingly easy on the husbands, the enduring anguish that their wives have to go through stays in head for a long time. A moralizing tale of the most uncanny sort.

Emily D (gb) wrote: Although obviously I knew the story behind the movie, I hadn't heard anything about the quality of the film, so I didn't know what to expect. But I was really pleasantly surprised and impressed. Good movie!

Russell G (kr) wrote: I suppose the worst that could happen is good actors are wasted on an uninspired movie like this. Danny Devito and Martin Lawrence can be very funny, but these characters and this script limit them. John Leguizamo and Bernie Mac should round a strong cast, but mostly they go to waste as well. The plot of a homeowner of a burgled house robbing the burglar is one note; nothing of any consequence builds off it. One mildly ironic plot device stretches out over 90 minutes rather than building a more complex situation. Devito's character is not an ideal setup man for Martin Lawrence and his shtick. It is harmless fun, but the sprinkling of cheap light laughs stretches too thin.