Miss 420

Miss 420

As Agent Miss 420 springs into action defeat a group of terrorists, she is killed. A reporter intends to investigate the possible connection to the underworld and is kidnapped, so those closest to her attempt a rescue!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Central Bureau Of Investigations' Chief briefs his men that a group of terrorists are about to strike in India, and he points out the options they have for combating them. They go over ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miss 420 torrent reviews

Melissa P (au) wrote: Horrible. Worst movie I've ever seen

Kelly K (br) wrote: This was such a shocking film, not at all the ending you'd expect. I find that I rather liked this movie.

Cylus O (ru) wrote: There is no gem to be found here- an insipid film.

Clinton M (mx) wrote: Definitely a sundance style flick. Good acting, great cameo by. Face you will recognize. A little slow to develop, but definitely worth it.

Jonny A (ru) wrote: a very creepy grab-your-ankles thriller that is sure to frighten audiences with its dark and creepy imagery.

Johana P (jp) wrote: "So, what do you say I take you home and eat your p+ssy?"...yes it is an actual quote from the movie. That was enough to win me over. 3 stars! lol

Albert T (mx) wrote: My almost teens and teenage girls loved this movie

Sergio E (jp) wrote: Thailand is fast making a name for itself in the International film market thanks to the success of a certain Mr Jaa in a film called Ong Bak. If you are reading this review, I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that you will know exactly what I'm on about and will be nodding your head in agreement, smiling to yourself as you recall the head-splintering chaos that that martial arts thrill ride provided us with but despite all it's successes, Ong Bak really was quite a low budget feature and it's limitations were plain to see. Bang Rajan however is an entirely different kettle of fish. It is not another martial arts movie but a war film set in the 18th century and having been made several years previously, was Thailand's first major attempt to secure its reputation as a movie-making rival to the likes of Hollywood and Hong Kong. And unlike the Tony Jaa star vehicle, it has the budget behind it to stand toe-to-toe with any of its rivals. Set just before the fall of Thailand's old capital city Ayuttaya to the invading Burmese army, the film tells the story of the people of Bang Rajan, a large village that despite insurmountable odds stood up to the approaching horde. With legions of soldiers marching on their doors, the untrained, poorly equipped and vastly outnumbered villagers still managed to give the Burmese a brutal lesson in Thai hospitality and their story has become a popular example of patriotism in their home country, so needless to say the transition to screen makes for a rip-roaring war film. To this end, director Tanit Jitnukul resists the urge to focus on solitary figures and instead concentrates on a small number of characters from various backgrounds to represent the Bang Rajan community. There's Taen; the elderly leader who is injured early on in the running time but still manages to be a significant player in the proceedings, Chan; the jungle warrior who succeeds Taen and becomes the figurehead of their resistance, Inn; a younger warrior who fights to defend his newly pregnant wife, Taeng-Onn; the village drunk whose slovenliness masks the highly-skilled axe man lurking within him and numerous other characters who all get plenty of scope, illustrating that it is not just the warriors who are effected by battle but the wives, priests, elderly and children as well. This is one of the film's strongest points and allows it to illustrate a whole patchwork of emotions and situations affected by the chaos. And it is difficult to pick a highlight because no actor ever really outshines any of the rest, you come to care about all of them and when the deaths inevitably occur, some are very sad to behold. But of course, emotional depth is one thing but what everybody really comes to Bang Rajan for is fighting and boy does it deliver. The opening ruck sets the tone instantly as the two opposing armies clash in the middle of a muddy field that soon becomes a mass of flailing limbs and blood-drenched bodies that is all watched by a steadicam that rolls and pivots with the warriors as muddy water splashes the lens. It may be a lesson in camera-work lifted straight from Saving Private Ryan but nonetheless, it is highly effective in taking you right into the heart of the maelstrom. Later skirmishes in the jungle lose none of the brutality as axes and swords are used in ever-more inventive ways to destroy human bodies and the whole thing climaxes in glorious fashion in the jaw dropping final battle. The last Burmese assault flings itself upon the walls of Bang Rajan, cannon fire erupting all around, blowing apart people and buildings as the people we've known for the last two hours contort and die in a hideous barrage of limb-chopping insanity. As far as action goes then, Bang Rajan is definitely an impressive romp and as an Eastern alternative to the bloated, over-stylised likes of Alexander or Troy, it is the far superior choice. Provided you are confident in your sexuality enough to put up with the sight of around two hundred half-naked men getting covered in mud and sweat for two hours, you'll find a good-old fashioned war story with a great big ruck at the end. Set right before the fall of Thailand's old capital, Ayuttaya, Bang Rajan draws on the legend of a village of fighters who bravely fended off the Burmese armies. With no support from the Royal army, the villagers drives the invading Burmese away many times until their names have become legendary during the time. As each subsequent battles becomes fiercer, the villagers tries to forge a canon to battle the enemy in a final battle where everyone, women and children included, die in combat.

Gianluca B (gb) wrote: Davvero molto noioso.

Corey W (kr) wrote: They lined it up well, but the shoot 'em down part didn't go quite as smoothly.

Paul K (us) wrote: Inspiring. Subversive. Unsettling. Empowering. I really enjoyed this documentary. It actually went really well with a book that I was reading at the time by the social psychologist Erich Fromm. Chomsky is a teacher and the best kind at that. Fromm discusses the need for teachers for not only information transference, but also for conveyance of spiritual attitudes. One can't help but wonder if Chomsky would have been one of the spiritual leaders among Fromm's list of outstanding contributors to human culture. It's fascinating that a man like Chomsky, who is ultimately expressing his belief in the high sensitivity and potential for high functionality in human beings, is met with so much negative criticism and attitudinal obstruction. Much of the documentary is reflective of this sort of interference, but also of the amount of effort Chomsky and his supporters put into the underlying research. For this reason the documentary is rather long, broken down into two comprehensive pieces. So if one were to sit down and watch, it would be best to heed the presented suggestion of intermission to fully appreciate the scope of this phenomenal contribution to the humanist philosophy. Be warned. You will likely be offended if you fall under any of the following attitudes: complacent conformist, jingoist, and/or sports fanatic!

Moore S (jp) wrote: quite an interesting movie with a unique scenario. Just at the point where you start to wonder why the beginning unrolls so slowly, it throws you right into the middle, which is a little bizarre, but it works out well. Couple of really funny moments, couple of really tragic and unfortunate moments. Overall, it was nominated for an Oscar for a reason. Except, I couldn't help it, but to point out that the boom-mic has sneaked in for one of the ending scenes. Though, the concept of this movie is brilliant and this is a very smart film in general

Andrew K (ag) wrote: Sheila Keith - horror icon!

Lee P (ca) wrote: decent doc. about the 1964 tokyo summer games

Michael D (br) wrote: very disappointing. if you're looking for a monster movie forget about it. if you're looking a war movie forget it.