Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality

When the local FBI office receives a letter from a terrorist known only as 'The Citizen', it's quickly determined that he's planning his next act at the Miss America beauty pageant. Because tough-as-nails Gracie Hart is the only female Agent at the office, she's chosen to go undercover as the contestant from New Jersey.

An FBI agent who goes undercover as a beauty contestant to thwart the efforts of a terrorist threatening to blow up the Miss USA Pageant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mira Mohd S (gb) wrote: Many movies based on the similar them of a good cop vs evil politicians have been made, but Singham (2011) will always be one of a kind just for the sheer amount of entertainment it provided with all the high octane action & drama. This time around Rohit Shetty has made sure the sequel is bigger & better in every way possible! Rohit Shetty as we all know is the master of masala film-making. The screenplay & the dialogues are absorbing & charming while the action moments are incomplete without the blasting of cars which is formula in every movie that he has delivered. Ajay is in top form yet again! The intensity that he delivers truly proves that he is a star performer! Kareena Kapoor Khan has a really loud character but its made sure she comes out as adorable. This time around its Amole Gupte (Kaminey) & Zakir Hussain who play the the antagonist & they are a delight to watch! On the whole, SINGHAM RETURNS is a hi-octane thriller with jaw- dropping actions, powerhouse dialouges and smashing performances especially by Ajay Devgan who is the soul of the film! And it has the trademark of one and only Rohit Shetty who has given us an entertaining masala film once again!

Tim P (us) wrote: Some good fights but Keanu sucks!

Charles Austin M (es) wrote: If you decide to watch "Anneliese" based on the claims of "actual footage" of an exorcism, then you've BEEN HAD. The prologue captions claim that this is REAL MATERIAL and that none of the footage has been doctored. What follows is a poorly scripted, badly acted and miserably directed documentary-style horror film that fails to horrify, for one thing, and utterly fails to convince, for another. I've seen better (and scarier) documentary-style offerings on The History Channel, which is also pure nonsense, of course. More than merely awful, "Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes" is an embarrassment and waste of your time.

Mandy W (au) wrote: Just watched this on Netflix. What a sweet little film.

Martin O (gb) wrote: Not terrible but not great. The last 30 mins is better as I didn't give a shit about what was going on with the same old "London gang characters" for the start/middle of the film.

Chris B (fr) wrote: I went in blind with this movie which I often do. I see which movies are certified fresh and order them on Netflix. Some are good, some are disappointing.This movie started out ok, but the real treat and meat to this story is the amazing, intelligent, and extraordinarily well written dialogue. The dialogue starts when two divorcees call each other and plan to have drinks and dinner. Then the two begin talking for a very, very long time. This is not an action flick or a suspenseful thriller; it's a commentary on the state of love and relationships in this time. A time in which the divorce rate is at an all-time high and people are remaining single because they have to work so many hours just to get by. Women used to stay home to be the caregiver and take care of the children. But it's a different time, and women want to strive to achieve what they wish, and they should rightly. But when the average person is working more and more to survive, they do not take a break to find a relationship. Instead, one might satisfy their desires with casual sex and one night stands.The conversation in this movie speaks to this, and it is so interesting and fascinating that you can't stop listening. It's like you are a fly on the wall and get to hear the intense back and forth, the quarrels of the past lovers. And the chemistry between the two actors is superb. The acting is simply amazing as well. The emotions are portrayed by subtle details. For example, John Shea's character Robert holds his hands up to his face as if to make everything disappear because he is having a hard time dealing with the truth. Or the tears on Lea Thompson's face, who plays the role of Emily. Tears are a hard thing to act out, usually people overact or cry too much or it sounds fake. But the gentle way in which her tears just barely roll down her cheek are so genuine they make you feel her sadness. The emotions are raw and in your face, but in such a way that they come naturally out of the actors and they are not forced. I don't think I've seen a movie with as much continuous dialogue as this movie. But the fact that it had me involved the whole way through is a testament to how good these lines are and how great the script is. Honestly, this is the best dialogue in a movie that I have seen in years.However, that is basically all the movie is. Some might find it too wordy and want more action or story development. But I find that too many movies focus on the action and forget about the dialogue. So this is a very refreshing piece of work. I strongly recommend this movie solely based on the dialogue. The chemistry and fine acting is a huge bonus. And that is the truth, without any trouble at all.

Gene R (jp) wrote: Fun but very forgettable.

Andrew P (ca) wrote: So yeah this film was a lot more graphic then I thought it was going to be. It was interesting, but I was hoping for a little more with it.

Joseph B (mx) wrote: I love the Kenichi' perfomence

Ashley H (es) wrote: Moonstruck is an excellent film. It is Loretta Castorini who finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry. Cher and Nicolas Cage give amazing performances. The script is well written. Norman Jewison did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Moonstruck is a must see.

Scot B (gb) wrote: I like it for the older cars.

Jon W (de) wrote: Like many people, I'd assumed it would be terrible because of the title, but it's surprisingly and consistently funny from start to end. Although obviously low budget, the script is sharp and there's not a sub-par performance from any of the cast, with old favourites like Richard Briers chipping in with plenty of funny moments. Deserves it's place on the imaginary dvd-shelf with Shawn of the Dead and, personally, I think it's the funnier flick.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Better than you might expect from the Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Users give it 85%. I enjoyed this movie.

Andres K (fr) wrote: The Classic Cowboy a the Renagade have a great Fun with You Guys!

Jim A (br) wrote: The basic premise of Batman going missing and focusing on Batman's various surrogates is a good one and as usual from these DC animated movies you get your fix on animated action but the problem is the movie just doesn't have much heart to it making the action quick paced but ultimately kind of soulless. Though one positive is Damian Wayne is less annoying here than he was in Son of Batman but nobody is all that engaging. While I was reasonably entertained by this movie we have so many animated Batman stories and this one just doesn't offer much new