Miss Dial

Miss Dial

A consumer affair rep who works from her apartment decides to play hooky one day, and spends her time calling random people, looking for new connections

A consumer affair rep who works from her apartment decides to play hooky one day, and spends her time calling random people, looking for new connections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kashif N (kr) wrote: One of the best movie I ever watched.

Alejandro F (br) wrote: pelicula diferente, buena.

Nick H (es) wrote: Holy Crap this movie is bad.

Noname (fr) wrote: I havent seen the original movies about Poseidon but this wasnt to bad altho i heard the old ones are better. Still a great movie like Titanic style but no drama. Fun to see Kurt Russell.

Carlos G (mx) wrote: Acting is solid and truth of Johnny's struggle was real.

Russkiy S (jp) wrote: real tough deep film, this is real life stuff, all this other inception crap is flashy action sci-fi's which are fun but just not real like this film

Neo G (nl) wrote: Beats bold and beautiful any day lol. Good passion filled drama.

mark O (jp) wrote: Can be compared with mob movie greats like Donnie Brasco, Good Fellas and Casino. Well written.Well acted. Great ensemble cast that works. (and works well)

James W (ca) wrote: "You don't know the full meaning of the Lollipop Guild till you seen two dozen naked midgets."

Sussan N (es) wrote: Goofy, but well made and exciting. And pirates!

Barry N (au) wrote: Herbie returns to racing and he's still the same old love bug. You really can't go wrong when you have the legend Herbie, the return of Douglas, and comedic genius Don Knotts rolled together. I also loved the subplot of Herbie falling in love with another car, and making a complete fool out of himself, just like a real human would do. Although it isn't the greatest Herbie film, it's still a lot of fun and just a wonderful hour and a half thrill ride anyone would be glad to be stuck in.

Joo C (au) wrote: Pasolini centered into the medieval lust and obscure desire. Poetic, raw, funny

Lee B (ag) wrote: I?m loving the Otto Preminger vaults. I never knew much about his wide array of movies. They are great, and this movie is right there. It is a simply play on a paranoid mystery that wraps up (or you can figure it out) pretty early, but it just plays it simple for suspense and that feeling of dread. ?Disadvantaged? woman. New city. Different elements. Uncontrolled circumstances where no one believes her but her brother, who tries to help but it all seems lost as she gets more and more distant. Aside from how this story progression is handled, I loved the suspense in the end game final act when the pieces were already worked out but the cat and mouse game begins. Pacing and piecemail story-telling can be exciting. It?s something I like about The Sixth Sense guy if he would only write his own story (I had said that Spike Lee needed to direct a story that wasn?t written by him to progress, then he did Malcolm X, which was superb), a great flare for suspenseful set-up, even with a preposterous story. Preminger is definitnly someone I want to watch the whole catalog from. And anyone who likes classic suspense mysteries should check this one out.

Sally A (de) wrote: Quite an amusing romp but it could have been a little shorter, I found the proceedings carried on a little too long and the 'lost in translation' gags dried up well before the end. Certainly worth a look though, especially to see Brando in such a silly role!

Zoe R (jp) wrote: I absolutely love this musical. It's fairly accurate, very funny, and strangely sexually driven. (Seriously, sooo many sex jokes. Not to mention the entire plot of Thomas Jefferson is based on banging his wife.)If you're looking for a fun history based musical, this is going to be on of the best you find.