Miss Tacuarembó

Miss Tacuarembó


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Miss Tacuarembó 2010 full movies, Miss Tacuarembó torrents movie

Miss Tacuarembó is a unique mixture of drama, comedy, musical with touches of parody and nostalgia which for its beautiful narration will attract many open-minded viewers not only in Latin American world. The story of Natalia, the main hero, and her life's struggles is shown in different three eras of her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miss Tacuarembó torrent reviews

Tricia J (mx) wrote: This movie wasn't bad as it did have plenty of great martial arts scenes and a good story.

Nicholas A (ru) wrote: Like iPods? Like Zombies? Like this

Andy P (it) wrote: Funny, charming, and catchy 80s music! It might be pure formula, but it is extremely well cast and dedicated to what it wants to be.

John M (au) wrote: As the suspense builds, you spend the entire movie waiting for something to happen - and nothing does. Even the supposed twist is an anticlimax.

Burcu S (de) wrote: gemi yolculugu sirasinda tanisik olan iki alakasiz insanin hikayesi. gercek gibi, ok siradan. gzel degil ama ben samimi buluyorum bu kadinin filmlerini.

Chucho E Q (mx) wrote: The endless meanings behind every single second of film are gorgeous to think about after seeing it and gorgeous to look at while they unfold in 100 beautifully shot and carefully directed minutes. Lucrecia Martel hit all the right notes with this 2001 quiet masterpiece and influenced one of the most amazing styles in Latin American cinema this decade: nothing happens. Suddenly, movies about groups of friends doing nothing for a weekend and families coping with rough summers while falling into a spiral of decadence and silent violence became one of the most beautiful branches of filmmaking in Spanish. Some of them are obvious rip-offs from this one, the pioneer, but most of them were just honest tries to pay homage to a movie that opened many eyes in filmmaking.Flawless cinematography, awesome screenplay, marvelous subtle performances and precise direction. Haunting, sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, it's hard to take it out of your mind after many days.You simply can't miss this one.

Lary A (kr) wrote: I liked it despite the near consensus panning of same. From its novel title, replete with country music and space-highway lane corridors, to its little nods to science like mustard floating in zero Gs into the hot dog...this is fun to watch. There's a secret coded toilet stall with a yammering old woman with a Queens accent that's a hoot!And I like Hopper's acting. What do you want---Olivier? Beside, quite a few A-listers in this one including Chas. Dance & Stephen Dorff. After all, it's not supposed to be an homage to "Blade Runner" or "2001: A Spavce Odyssey". It's more like a "Tank Girl" w/ Lori Petty or a "Cherry 2000" w/ Melanie Griffith.

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April W (br) wrote: Looks like it could be good...

I dont know w (us) wrote: Looks very touching, yet smart, like it knows how to entertain an audience.

Allan C (de) wrote: Gerry Anderson bizarre marionettes shoot guns, drive cars, fly airplanes, go into space and have assorted adventures involving international and intergalactic intrigue. The story isn't all that different form other 1960s super spy films, but the marionettes are what make this film so wildly different (kind of like casting chimpanzees as spy in "Lancelot Link"). It's all pretty campy, but if you're in the right mood and know what you're getting into, it's pretty enjoyable.

Hasnat A (ca) wrote: I liked the first part more than the second!

Aj V (fr) wrote: A great movie with a great message.

Dale R (ag) wrote: Got through it : this could have been a brilliant film if only they'd stuck to the science fiction aspect of it and not insisted on making it a silly shoot-em-up movie as well. And it doesn't seem to matter which level of reality you're on : the baddies are still lousy shots!

Jacob E (ag) wrote: WANT TO SEE SO BAD! to far away though just have to wait for pirate bay.

Alexander P (br) wrote: This road movie swells with style, sizzling romance and a hypnotism that drifts into the deranged. 'Wild at Heart' trails through rotten small-town America, and a young couple's pursuit of a place 'over the rainbow'. This dreamy, anti-fairytale is one of Lynch's most overlooked. 9/10.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: For every good cop movie out there, there are a dozen just like "Striking Distance", a ridiculous patchwork of cop movie cliches held together by a threadbare serial killer storyline and laughable dialogue. Writer and director Rowdy Herrington turned a mess just like this into pure gold a few years back with "Roadhouse" but he cannot work that same magic again with this mess.There are enough red herrings for two movies, a tired plot and at the center of it all a very weary-looking Bruce Willis going through the motions. He's given some of the most embarrassing one-liners of his career and a character who is such a cliche it's almost a parody. We've all seen this disgraced cop slumming in a job that's beneath him a dozen times before, and since Willis is slumming himself. He's not even trying to do anything fresh with this material.Sarah Jessica Parker is completely miscast as his new partner, and you fail to see what she sees in him when their relationship inevitably turns romantic. The big reveal at the end will have you scratching your head twice trying to take it all in, and I'm still trying to sort out just how plausible it really is. The entire mess culminates in a preposterous extended chase scene in which Robert Pastorelli proves to have more lives than a cat.There are some decent action sequences early on, but "Striking Distance" is a paint-by-numbers police thriller without a single original thought or concept. You can tell by watching it that Willis feels his fans deserve better, and you know what? He's right.