Miss You Again

Miss You Again

The film centers to a high school that is going to be taken over by foreign investor, who plans to turn the whole school into a department store. When all the alumni heard this shocking news, they join in team and return to their school, where the old memories of laughter, love, and friendship are still around, to fight against the take over project and set the beloved school free.

The film centers to a high school that is going to be taken over by foreign investor, who plans to turn the whole school into a department store. When all the alumni heard this shocking ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (it) wrote: Travolta's accent is terrible and always distracting. Still this one has some worthwhile writing in parts and some decent action sequences. Production values could be worse.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Pretty standard sci fi movie. Formulaic, predictable, and borrows a lot from every other sci fi movie ever made.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: For those who grew up skating in the 80s and 90s, it takes you back to those moments of sitting in your basement watching Vision and Powell skate videos. As entertaining as it is heartbreaking.

Jim C (us) wrote: At a time when we find ourselves in such dire straits, we see a vociferous minority yawp about taxes and scream as if they're facing scathing privation, but when set against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, they're living like kings, queens...and fools. 'Divided We Fall' shows how a great many people faced much, much worse conditions and rather than polarizing, they rose above pettiness and pulled together just to survive. The characters portrayed in this film set in Bohemia during World War II had no idea that even when they made it through, rather than facing a Nazi menace, they would face a Soviet one, but it wouldn't have mattered, they still would have stuck together. I wonder how we would fare today if we had to face the reality that these folk did. I doubt we'd do so well. This is a fine movie and really shows what could be if we'd all act our ages instead of like the grownup brats so many have become.

Sam l (es) wrote: Donatemtoeverythingisterriblerightnowtodayorelseyoudieforeverineternalpitoffirehurryupbeforeyoudietheclockisticking.

Andr D (us) wrote: "Showgirls" es una inmortal (o ms bien inmoral) pelcula clase B con ms senos al descubierto que una edicin especial de la National Geographic sobre tribus africanas. El director Paul Verhoeven ("Robocop") con o sin intencin, confeccion una divertida y ridcula cinta "camp"acerca de una joven que busca triunfar en la vida y que termina descubriendo el mundo del sexo por dinero. Un triunfo para las actrices Elizabeth Berkley y Gina Gershon y toda una tragedia para el alumno de David Lynch Kyle Mclachlan.

Igor A (nl) wrote: Slabo TV izdanie na temava. Sepak prviot film e klasika. Tuka gi viknale Michael Pare i Malcolm McDowell,no dzabe...

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Beautifully told ode to innocence and childlike imagination, and how Scottish playwright James Barrie was inspired by a widow's family of four sons into creating the enduring classic 'Peter Pan'. Chameleon Johnny Depp gives one of his finest performances and achieves what all too few biopics manage, to provide insight into the subject's viewpoint. He believed the theater was meant as a joyful escape, but the rise of the importance of the theater critic in the London press stifled that avenue of creativity. Fun to see him play an alternate pirate version to Jack Sparrow during an afternoon of make-believe with the sons, and seeing Dustin Hoffman, who played Captain Hook in Spielberg's production, as Barrie's financier. Reassuring to see someone still makes this kind of movie with warmth and affection for its characters, at least they did 10 years ago.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Great break out performance for Elizabeth Olsen...