Based on the real-life experiences of Ed Horman. A conservative American businessman travels to a South American country to investigate the sudden disappearance of his son after a right-wing military takeover. Accompanied by his son's wife he uncovers a trail of cover-ups that implicate the US State department which supports the right-wing dictatorship.

When American journalist Charles Horman arrives in Chile to meet his wife Beth and bring her back to New York, however, an overthrow takes places and Charles is arrested by the military force. The story follows the quest of his father and his wife to find him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gena D (es) wrote: Not the best nor the most informative animal movie. Cute, has it's sad moments but just not that big a deal overall.

Paul P (ag) wrote: I don't know what the issue is but Damian Lewis needs more work! The way Lodge Kerrigan handles schizophrenia is so refreshing. He doesn't break narrative, there is no dream sequence or alternate world, no camera tricks. Since Keane is a schizophrenic nothing is set in stone, the whole movie could be in his mind. And there in lies the genius, it doesn't play it out for cheap plot twists, it lets the viewer decide. The camera sits on Keane's shoulder and we watch his face or what he looks at.

Matt B (au) wrote: Excellent beginning to a film that started a franchise which set the bar for superhero movies. This film took a bold risk and the end result was a storm of audience members begging for more. The boxoffice success of dark night can reflect how powerful this first movie was with more and more people catching on in the year between films.

Deanna M (ag) wrote: this movie was everything cliche... and it looked like it was filmed in california, not china... pfff.

Hanne H (us) wrote: Hilariously funny and serious. About a young woman - who in my terms is normal for her age, only society does not see her that way, but then she meets her male opposite - and he sees her as the fine person she is, and a beautiful movie evolves...

Jack N (au) wrote: Love this movie! Perfect mix of awesome action with great effects, a interesting but complicated story and humor all around. Great movie! A+!

Private U (jp) wrote: excellent movie. sad to remmber what a great actor john ritter was and excllent play for all the cast of the movie. excellent plot.

Timm S (nl) wrote: It Was A Reasonable a Good Crime Flick.

Scott C (us) wrote: I like a lot of Spike Lee's films, but this one rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Roger Zelaney's book upon which this film was based was way better. Within a few years of this films release both Jan Michael Vincent and George Peppard were starring in forgettable Reagan-era TV series. It's hard to imagine that 20th Century Fox actually thought this film would outperform STAR WARS at the box office in the summer of '77; so they released George Lucas' film first expecting it to quickly fade away and for DAMNATION ALLEY to be the top Sci-Fi contender for the summer season. It is not as bad as some critics thought it was, but its no diamond in the rough either.

Clay B (ag) wrote: BREAKHEART PASS (1976)

Doug O (es) wrote: "Thunder Road" - a pretty good B-movie with Robert Mitchum as a transporter of Kentucky moonshine. He battles both federal agents and gangsters in this 1958 thriller. The film also features Mitchum's real life younger brother, Jim Mitchum who plays his younger brother. Terrific rainy afternoon movie...

Trevor H (fr) wrote: good, but neither the best work of Hepburn or Wilder

Ted W (kr) wrote: Probably my second favorite outing of Rathbone and Bruce complete with spooky lighting, strange people who act guilty and unusual clues leading to a satisfying solution.

Hannah D (mx) wrote: It's bizarre and I was on board with that. Nic Cage's accent is the best part.

Brandon W (us) wrote: Pawn Sacrifice is directed by Edward Zwick, and it stars Tobey Maguire in a biopic about Bobby Fischer going up against the Russians in chess who are supposed to be the best chess players of all time. I've heard a bit about Bobby Fischer in that he's fantastic in chess, and I was interested to see that Edward Zwick is the director, and Steven Knight is the writer for it. Turns out that Pawn Sacrifice is a really great film that was honestly a bit better than I thought of it. I didn't careless about Tobey Maguire as an actor as I think that he's just a fine actor, but in this, he was really good in it and really portrayed the moody and mental state of Bobby Fischer really well. I was curious about Bobby Fischer, and I got a great amount of detail about him thanks to a script by Steven Knight and direction by Edward Zwick. I played chess before, and I completely sucked in it as I find chess too complicated for me to handle, and even though I might not quite know what's going on, the chess scenes are entertaining and intense to watch. The movie is a bit different from your usual biopic film in that the main character is not really a nice person in it, and when it goes to his insanity, the film gets more investing and more unpredictable for me as I didn't know whether he quits the chess game, or comes back for another game. The only issue that I have with the film, is that even though Liev Schreiber is good in it, I felt like the movie should've spent a bit more time on his character so that I can get a bit more of a glimpse of what Bobby is going up against. As is, Pawn Sacrifice is a really great film that really hold this film up thanks to Tobey Maguire's committed performance.

jack d (jp) wrote: not historically correct