Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

Prequel to the first Missing In Action, set in the early 1980s it shows the capture of Colonel Braddock during the Vietnam war in the 1970s, and his captivity with other American POWs in a brutal prison camp, and his plans to escape.

Set in the early 1980sColonel Braddock is still prisoners deep in the jungle. After managing to escape, he wants to free other POWs, and again an evil Colonel wants to kill them all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guilherme N (nl) wrote: Too old private jokes

Taylor M (es) wrote: this movie is so touching. I love the story behind it and i love the relationship built between the father and the town after the son says he met jesus. Its very sad but very touching in a lot of ways. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a tear jerker or a really cute movie.

Mario B (nl) wrote: not the best execution done for a independent film. but great idea. some alright acting. and still enjoyable if going in to it with a low expectation

Tanner B (br) wrote: Zero Dark Thirty (2012) ??? 1/2 D: Kathryn Bigelow. Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt, Jason Clarke, Reda Kateb, Kyle Chandler. Extremely suspenseful film details search for Osama bin Laden, told with intimate feeling and those tremendous claustrophobic touches Bigelow also used in THE HURT LOCKER. The characters are all interesting and believable. Taut, visceral excitement, hampered by an anti-climax and some mundane dialogue. Oscar winner for Sound Editing.

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Jason B (ca) wrote: A couple of years ago Gone with the Wind would have been the longest film I had ever watched. It is a mammoth film that we had to break into two days due to poor planning on our start time. I doubt there is anything that I can say that has not been said before. I find Gone with the Wind is a very pleasurable film experience. There are some flaws throughout which forced a viewer to watch the film with eyes of America in 1939. The film does a very bad job with the representation of slavery and in many cases glamorizes the "sacrifices" that the south had to make after the Civil War. That said it is important to look at the character of Scarlet O'Hara who gave some people their first look at a strong and independent woman in a glamourous Hollywood film. So where do you draw the line? Parity has been very important to me since I have starting actively reviewing films. When there are so many movies which treat women as something no more important than a coat rack it seems important to penalize films for this. Just as importantly, however, is how diverse the film is, Gone with the Wind is fairly diverse and if the filmmakers took the time to fully realize these characters on a historical level I could easily see myself giving the film a 10 in this category; a score that I have never given. Instead I gave the film a 6. It is also important to note that the photography itself is magnificent, especially the vivid Technicolor. From start to finish there is always a splash of color at which you could marvel and you would be hard pressed to find such a vividly colored film of the same era. Gone with the Wind earns a high recommendation.

Arslan K (ag) wrote: Just wanna say Al Pacino was great as usual. I had no idea what this movie was walking in cause I hadn't seen any trailers. But it sure was a surprise. The story was good but some of the characters really needed characters development I mean they need to have a strong past to latter play a role in Pacinos life. Gary or the actor was just everywhere and at times I didn't like him. Rest of the cast was good. First 10 min or so are very slow but then picks up then in the middle is where this kinda got predictable and I was losing It but the end makes up for it. This isn't good not bad. Just in the middle. One thing would have made this a 7 or an 8 of I got to see more of holly hunters character for she was a big part of it. Overall from Pacino to its acting this is a good movie. Watch it when you are bored and don't have anything to watch.

mike h (de) wrote: one of my fave keira movies a classic