Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

At the heart of the Apollo program was the special team in Mission Control who put a man on the moon and helped create the future.

The movie tells the story of the extraordinary team in Mission Control who put a man on the moon and helped create the future. The film includes archival footage and stories from the creator of Mission Control, Dr. Chris Kraft, retired NASA Flight Directors Gene Kranz, Glynn Lunney and Gerry Griffin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo torrent reviews

Alex W (ru) wrote: the filmmaking is good but the subject matter is fascinating. Its the ultimate episode of unsolved mystery's.

Clifford L (es) wrote: Ending a life happily.

Carlo C (jp) wrote: Churrn entretenido en el que un grupo de narcotraficantes "liderados" por el narco ms buscado y poderoso del mundo, se embarcan en una misin de rescate en medio de la zona de guerra en Irak. Comedia que raya en lo absurdo y en la burla, ante una situacin completamente ficticia e irreal, pero divertida. No es un 'must' pero si te quieres relajar vela.

Ryan V (kr) wrote: This war film follows three of the men who helped raise the flag in that famous photograph taken on the fifth day of the Battle of Iwo Jima. While the narrative does make room for some uncompromising combat scenes, the bulk of the storytelling focuses on how these young soldiers reacted to their instant celebrity, their exploitation by the Defense Department's propaganda division, and why they chafed at being labelled "heroes". Director Clint Eastwood does his best to make Flags Of Our Fathers an emotionally honest movie. It does lay it on a bit thick in certain scenes, but I still felt that this was a genuine film and I consider it worth seeing. Also worth a look is Letters From Iwo Jima; an account of the same battle from the Japanese perspective that Eastwood shot at the same time.

Tracey c (ru) wrote: Laugh your arse off. This hilarious documentary is a real eye opener if you don't your history of the war on marajuana. The long and stupid war on the weed is just one of many misteps by the U.S. government that the mainstream media seems to ignore!?! I saw this at the Music Box theater downtown Chicago which only added to the fun. As a documentary though it missed a couple of things. It forgot to mention William Randolph Hearst's deep involvment with the war. He did after all run the huge media conglomorate that supported Anslinger's view. Hearst went on to be portrayed unflatteringly in Citizen Kane. There is barely a mention of Reagan/Bush/Clinton the trio of presidents who have more to fight this unwinnable war then any of their preddosessors. No mention of the fact that Hemp plants were indeed grown by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson. The last three grew it on the White House lawn!!! As a documentary however it seems a bit one sided and therefore guilty of the very thing anti drug people are. But then again Freedom is a one sided thing, you either have it or you don't. The movie is also a bit biased in that it puts marajuana on a pedistal and ignores the fact that even though harsher drugs like cocaine and heroin are harmful, laws against them are completely and totally unconstitutional. Makes you think though, if the U.S. government is so eager to abuse their power like this, is it really a great idea to repeal the second amendment or limit it in so many way? Now I'm sounding preachy. Go see this movie with some friends, have a jay outside, and laugh at highlights from old movies like Reefer Madness, and Up In Smoke. Laugh at the directors keen sense of ironic humor. And remember that what you know just might kill you.

Martin S (ca) wrote: Hillarious cat-3 shocker. Anthony Wong once again teams up with Herman Yau to deliver more disgusting sleaze hongkong style. Be sure to watch with the ridiculous hongkong subtitles.

Cody S (ag) wrote: The Rift is a 2012 science-fiction short film that has the nostalgic look and feel of a sci-fi / horror movie to it. The movie takes place on an ordinary night at a diner when things suddenly become anything but ordinary. The main character Dean and his buddy Roland, along with Dean's Mother are working a night shift in his Mother's diner and it's a pretty slow night. When dark rifts start suddenly appearing in the sky out of thin air, that's when things really start taking off. These rifts seem to be gateways or wormholes to another dimension. A dimension with creepy killer aliens.Let me start by saying that I quite enjoyed watching The Rift, and really liked the campy a bit campy in some places, like the hillbilly that comes into the diner and explains what he saw. I found the pacing to be very well done for a short film, coming in at just under 30 minutes. I really had the feeling that The Twilight Zone had something to do with influencing and inspiring The Rift, but that could've just been the setting, The Rift takes place almost entirely inside a roadside diner, or the subject matter having to do with aliens invading Earth.I have a feeling that The Rift has ambitions of being adapted to a feature length film, because there seems to be some questions that are left unexplained, like why did the man in the suit want the data, but you just can't fit all the answers neatly into the confines of a short format film.

Elisa B (ca) wrote: "eu odeio quando ele faz isso" ohn :~Muito fofo, lindinho e querido. Com musiquinhas bonitinhas. Uma gracinha de desenho, gente!

Will B (es) wrote: A Legend of Horror.. Lee is at his best playing Grigori Rusputin and upon seeing this you can see why he should be remembered other than his dracula roles.. The movie itself is beautifully shot, a real Hammer Classic and the movie is filled with great lines... both horrific and funny! A must watch

Simon V (fr) wrote: I don't think it is a masterpiece in a cinematographic perspective, but a good work as it perfectly expresses the need of the moment.

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