Mission Mars

Mission Mars

Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb.

Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben H (br) wrote: This movie was by no means Kingdom Come

Florence J (fr) wrote: This movie started with too many names to remember and just seemed like everyone was trying to get a line or a scene in. it wasn't funny enough to be a comedy. it was overly dramatic and I've never rolled my eyes so many times during a movie. it doesnt deserve the five dollar Wal-Mart bin.more like wait for the basic cable showing

John T (jp) wrote: Chris Marquette (dude from Joan of Arcadia) stole this one. He was pretty great. This movie is about a group of high school seniors who decided to rob a bank to save their mother. (They need 100k to get a bone marrow transplant). I really enjoyed this one. Seeing the group just have fun and deal with the drama. Also, this is a good lesson of what NOT to do when robbing a bank. Shit goes south pretty damn quick.

Javier F (ca) wrote: Menudo entretenimiento palomitero ms absurdo y poco interesante.

Satish S (br) wrote: super performances by irfan and pankaj kappor and tabu. and only film to see the legeneds naseerudin shah & ompuri together. awesome movie.

Ingrid W (it) wrote: I rented this on a whim one day and totally fell in love with it. My favorite scene is when Pauline is watering her sister's garden with a HUGE watering can.

Richard V (de) wrote: Stanley Kubrick's last movie was also a simple narrative, where Tom Cruise plays a doctor, and he learns that his wife - played by his then-real-life wife Nicole Kidman - once considered cheating on him. And in the 48 hours that follows, Cruise is tempted to cheat, whether it's with a hooker or by ending up in a weird cult sex orgy attended by the power elite. Cruise is pretty amazing in this strange odyssey of temptation (though, he has this habit of flashing his doctor's license as if it was a policeman's badge). It's interesting and maybe I'd see it again, but not anytime soon. But it's worth a watch if you're a fan of slow-paced erotic thrillers.

Roland M (ag) wrote: This movie is torturous if you think aliens aren't real

Simon D (jp) wrote: Not so obviously a spoof as the humour is subtle and you could be forgiven for thinking it is a serious attempt at making a low-budget sci-fi. You do eventually begin to wonder when you start to see the similarities to 2001 a space odessy and when a hippie is being attacked by a beach ball with feet.

Martin T (us) wrote: Anyone who says they prefer this to Amadeus is probably either: 1) a liar trying to impress you, 2) an asshole who just always has to go against the grain, or 3) just really likes Bach way more than Mozart. Or some combination thereof. The film (if you can call it that) is mostly just people in period costumes, sitting in period locations, playing the music of Bach. Between pieces, there are brief floods of rather dry biographical information from the perspective of Bach's wife, usually about the publication of some music or an attempt to curry favor with one official or another. Once in a while there will be some actual acting (if you can call it that), but it doesn't happen often and it doesn't last long. If you really adore Bach, you might like this, but then why not just pick up a nice album collection with some good liner notes? And if you're not into Bach, this movie probably won't inspire you to get into his work. Of course, the music is wonderful, and it's impressive that it's all been recorded live. But it's all so dull and uncinematic.

Scott R (br) wrote: Funny nuns and Mary Wickes? I'm there! Funny sweet movie.

Paul D (mx) wrote: There were a few chuckle worthy moments to be found here, but overall the film was not very good. Danny DeVito is the best part about this film, but it is far from his best work.

Don S (ru) wrote: Two things stand out about this movie: Tracy Morgan makes a poor Chris Rock and Kevin Smith has lost his ability to direct small but interesting movies. This is a really poorly done buddy movie about down and out cops. Willis, who I usually find highly entertaining, is stale here. Morgan just screams and believes he's funny throughout. Aside from the eye-candy, Rashida Jones and Ana de la Reguera, this is a huge waste of time.

Jaret M (br) wrote: Though well acted (Douglas easily fits back into the skin of the character that won him an Oscar), the story is cold and un-engaging. When Gordon Gecko is the only character in the film that you're rooting for, you have a problem. Director Oliver Stone seems more interested in paying tribute to his original film then investing in a new one. A wasted opportunity if ever there was one.

David B (jp) wrote: The only movie worth watching about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Historically accurate.