A wife and mother starts an affair with a young missionary... with disastrous consequences.

The film follows Katherine struggling the ups and downs to create a better life for her and her son. Suddenly, she confronts and falls in love with Elder Brock a handsome Mormon missionary whose past is complex. One day, Katherine reunites with her estranged husband which can lead to unexpected consequences because Elder Brock cant accept that. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith L (it) wrote: Are you people seriously kidding me? You give Tinker Bell an 88% compared to better Disney sequel films such as Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure? You guys are morons that deserve to be locked in a door-less room with no food or water if you think Tinker Bell is even as close to being as good as The Lion King, a movie in which is actually a good movie in which people should watch. Tinker Bell is an unnecessary spin-off following a character that no one cares about. Who the hell cares about Tinker Bell's origins? Why did they even think that Tinker Bell was a character that was worthy of this kind of reception? I have the answer: they want to do it because Disney wants the money. They want the positive sales and recognition in order for their product to be successful, so that they can produce additional movies, create several Disney Channel shorts, and drive the nail in the coffin even more, just as a nuisance to humanity and culture. For this reason, the Tinker Bell series is to be ranked among one of the most insulting franchises I have ever seen in my life.

Patrick L (kr) wrote: I don't feel like posting a review on these, so I will just give simple reasons why I like them.The 40 Year-Old Virgin: A comedy with great ab-libbing and improv. It's also a great look at the insecurities of single men and women, not just about virginity.Me and You and Everyone We Know: Not much about plot, but the ideas of the lack of face-to-face communication and interaction, searching for love, and age differences.Nobody Knows: It's the most depressing movie I have seen in 2005... What's worse is finding out that this is based on a true event in Japan and the original story is even darker than what is shown in the movie.Sin City: Balls-ripping, titties and red/white/yellow blood. It would be a guilty pleasure if it wasn't for the stunning visuals and its artful spirit.Rize: A documentary about dancing clowns? Rrright. I really didn't care for Rize until I saw it, but it's surprisingly fascinating.Unfortunately, I can only post 5 ratings at a time, so that's all for the favorites of '05.Now, on to the most-hated!

Alex E (ca) wrote: As far as fighting game movies go, this isn't as good as Mortal Kombat, it's about on par with DOA: Dead or Alive, but better than King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, and both Street Fighter movies.I love the Tekken games, and I was very looking forward to the franchise being adapted into film. Sadly, none of the films based on Tekken have been all that good, and this is the prime example.It has some okay fight scenes and production values for a low budget DTV flick, but the formulaic script makes this movie feel outdated, even before its release.

Kelly P (br) wrote: what can i say - i like films with sub-titles, and this one was pleasant

Russ B (jp) wrote: 1/22/2016/ Meh. Nothing all that great or interesting.

April W (jp) wrote: The first one is better, but they are both great!

Mary R (ag) wrote: wish it was available. been lookin for it for years cuz its my moms fav. movie

Anthony I (br) wrote: The visuals and acting in this movie is passable but the story is weak.