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Hardy C (es) wrote: I give this movie 5 stars for showing Thandie Newton's beauty in all its glory. Alas, as a film about the Nigerian-Biafran War it suffers from the novel it was based on focusing on cheating sex partners and less context of the brutal conflict itself. Therefore i can only get this 3 stars.

David W (es) wrote: A crass desecration.

Henry G (kr) wrote: Sweet, genuine, and driven by pathos Spectacular Now boasts all the seeming qualities of a great coming of age film and yet falls short due to an unredeemable main character. I watched this in theaters and honestly I didn't enjoy Spectacular Now as much as I thought I would which surprised me because I'm an avid fan and often sap for coming of age films and it did so well critically. I did not hate it either it was a semi heart warming spectacle but really its shortcomings for me are that I never connected to the main actor Miles Tellers Character. Who don't get me wrong brought a profound performance with him and I bitterly enjoyed that he was popular instead of a nerd or outcast like a usual staple of movies in this genre but to me he's still came off more of a Self-important alcoholic fool than a flawed teen with a heart of gold as the movie hopelessly wanted me to feel. Still the alcoholism was a good touch because it made him more defective as a person and sort of humanized him for me but it wasn't enough to redeem him in fact it maddened me when he refused his job back from Bob Odenkirk's wonderful yet underutilized character. What saved the movie undeniably for me is the powerfully authentic Shailene Woodley who brought a lot of compassion and genial charm with her character and not to mention she brings a natural sweetness and girl next door feel to everything that you can not help but fall in love with her which i guess is the only way I relate to the protagonist (and his alcoholism ;D). Brie Larson also deserves honorable mention as always being delightfully complicated and shrewd as Miles's on and off again girlfriend. All in all Spectacular Now is a worthy entry to the genre but not particularly engrossing and endearing as I hoped, save for a few scenes.

gary t (ca) wrote: creepy, man this movie is just so so so creepy movie 2 watch....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie.....i think that laurent lucas, jackie berroyer, philippe nahon, jean luc couchard, brigitte lahaie, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this horror/art house/international/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......It premiered on 18 May 2004 as part of the Cannes Film Festival and had his US release on August 25, 2006. Its official English title was The Ordeal, but most reviewers have still referred to it as Calvaire which refers to Christ's ordeal on his crucifixion.The short film included on the Tartan Film DVD is called A wonderful love also directed by Fabrice Du Welz. Even the American DVD has Calvaire as the prominent title, with The Ordeal as a subtitle.its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie.....man this movie is just such a really creepy movie 2 watch it is so scary, frightning, it is such a really really creepy movie 2 watch but its got a good cast throughout this movie.....Amsterdam Fantastic Film FestivalGrand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver Grardmer Film FestivalInternational Critics AwardPremiere AwardSpecial Jury Prizeman this movie is so creepy but it is such a really enjoyable movie 2 watch....i think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch but this is such a really creepy movie 2 watch but it is such an intense movie 2 watch..with a great cast throughout this movie......

Manuel C (ca) wrote: Something is wrong when critic give a movie 16 when audience a 72 . Are the critics wrong or us mortals . Underworld evolution is a very entertaining film which I liked very much . Overall the great mayority of movie critics say the story telling is at fault. I do not concur . Maybe the first one , got a bit confused understanding it but if you saw the first and dont understand the sequel , well you have a problem because this one I understood completely . Underworld evolution is a good movie and entertaining , I didn'get bored at no time , fx were done masterfully , sound is good . 3.5 stars .

Erwin M (jp) wrote: This movie suffers of some serious continuity problems. The acting is absurdly funny for most of the characters. The storyline is ridiculous, too; it's like a bad mix of Swept Away and The Blue Lagoon. I bet the director was counting solely on Kelly Brook's body to attract viewers.

Claire B (ag) wrote: besides violence, sex and drugs it was a good movie

Jacob B (kr) wrote: Madagascar manages to remain slightly more appealing to children going for only a few adult jokes and a more cartoony-looking animation style rather than the "realistic" animation style of Antz and Shrek. The film boasts a talented cast and Sacha Baron Cohen shines as King Julien. Its story isn't great and there aren't much open spaces (i.e. it mostly takes place on the titular island and I found it a bit boring at times) but it still boasts enough entertainment value to keep audiences amused for 80 minutes.

Sara T (it) wrote: This film will move you to tears.

Taylor G (mx) wrote: If this movie is supposed to be set in reality it's plot commits suicide within the first 20 minutes as the central conflict is solved and then ignored. The performances are consistently amateur with even the capable actors putting in laughable performances and it's shot in such a boring manner there's really nothing even technically interesting about it. That being said there are parts in this movie I found laugh out loud funny and it would fall into the "so bad it's good" category if it wasn't so repetitive.

Antoine B (it) wrote: Ecrivain rcemment largu par son amie, Antoine doit crire un rcit sur la sduction et ses travers selon les dsirs de son diteur. Un marivaudage moderne et lettr avec un Luchini au sommet de son art.

Philippe M (nl) wrote: J'voulais etre le 1er a dire de quoi alors voici, voila : Mise en scene de metier. Interpretation satisfaisante.

Aj V (au) wrote: I got bored with this movie so fast, it's not even funny. No one cares about what Tony's boring life is like after all the interesting stuff already happened.

Tara K (kr) wrote: 150 little people! Best Movie Ever!

John T (us) wrote: This ponderous Hammer Studios version of the Dracula franchise, directed by the great Terence Fisher, picks up where the 1958 film Horror of Dracula left off. "Prince of Darkness" concerns two British couples who ignore warnings to avoid Castle Dracula and must battle for their lives against the recently resurrected count. Christopher Lee once again portrays the infamous vampire, with Terence Fisher directing.The sets are striking, particularly inside castle Dracula, and the use of color is dramatic throughout, but the film is a bit tedious. Part of the problem was the pace of the movie; each scene lasted a little longer than it needed to. Moreover, the fundamental weaknesses of the plot was that Dracula isn't resurrected until midway through this 100 minute movie. Once resurrected, we get the standard Dracula plot: vampire wants girl.Christopher Lee has a diminished role this time as the titular vampire, but gives a good performance due to his commanding screen presence in the title role, albeit without any dialogue. Legend has it that Lee was reluctant to return to the role and when he declared that his dialogue was too terrible to utter, he refused to say any of it; the director then had to stretch out the beginning of the film to compensate. The end result is an exceptionally weak plot with an uninspiring supporting cast. With the exception of Barbara Shelley's performance as an inhibited prude who turns lustful upon becoming a vampire, I found the supporting characters to be singularly dull and loquacious. Thorley Walters did a fine job of portraying the fly-eating Renfield, an original character from Bram Stoker's novel who is renamed here as Ludwig, but his appearance was too brief. This film lacked the gravitas of a Peter Cushing to play Christopher Lee's antagonist.Another part of the problem may be that there is nothing in the movie that is new. The movie is mostly made up of elements we've seen all too often, with the possible exception of how Dracula meets his fate. In the end, the film is full of gothic atmosphere and the two principle locations of the castle and the monastery are effectively conveyed. However, even Christopher Lee and Terence Fisher were unable to save the film from a protracted and sluggish opening forty minutes that robs the film of pace.

Chris C (ru) wrote: Brainlessly funny, Romy And Michele's High School Reunion benefits solidly from its leading dimwitted dynamic duo cast with Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow executing nicely as the titular characters.