A young pacifist after refusing on principle to defend her sweetheart's honor and being banished in disgrace, joins a riverboat troupe as a singer, acquires a reputation as a crackshot after a saloon brawl in which the villain of the piece accidentally kills himself with his own gun, falls in love with his former fianceƩ's sister and finally bullies an apprehensive family into accepting him.

A young pacifist after refusing on principle to defend her sweetheart's honor and being banished in disgrace, joins a riverboat troupe as a singer, acquires a reputation as a crackshot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teddy B (ag) wrote: Nothing new here, but both my brother and I very much enjoyed this. Although it's not classic Nic Cage flip-out crazy nutball, I love him in this Charles Bronson style 'shoot first, ask questions later' role, although there are no questions. The case against 4 of society's lowest form of scumbag is crystal clear and yet, justice is not served. I do hope there are many more sequels as I am a big Nic Cage fan and this role, although not made for him, suits his sensitive side as well as his hard man side. I'd give it a solid 7. Anna Hutchison is gorgeous and puts in a pretty good performance. Always good top see Don Johnson although he's always a little cheesy! Only other thing that could have been improved is the title. Horrible. Apart from that, lets hope they're given a bigger budget for a sequel and Nic's given a little bit more room to express himself.

Michelle W (fr) wrote: Terrible mess of a movie. Barely even a script. Annoying, boring, longwinded, lacks a story or purpose.

Ada D (it) wrote: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, the 3D adaptation of a classic tale starring Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron,Taylor Swift and the legend herself Betty White. It's a fun movie for all ages to enjoy.

Rahul P (es) wrote: Wrinkles provides hardly acceptable reality of an old age!Remarkably emotional and heart-touching story that is brilliantly told through the animation.

Mattias L (gb) wrote: Lurades av recensionerna som talade om Barnhemmet och Pans Labyrinth. Skittrkig, tunn story och d blir det ju meningslst med vackra miljer och fina foton.

Johnny K (es) wrote: I saw this when I was still in the phase of being way too easily entertained by any and every movie, and since my parents have decided to waste money on the sequel and force me to join them, I decided to review this. My young self did chuckle throughout, though he was fairly let down considering how much of a sucker he was for the TV spots. It kept my young self reasonably entertained, but ultimately it is a forgettable affair, seeing as I can't remember anything about it aside from all the fatty fall-downs, some of which didn't get me when I was a kid. Verdict: C

The Movie G (jp) wrote: Avatar is a great phenomenal film with outstanding visual effects, a really good story, and fantastic acting

Jamie C (jp) wrote: I had no real expectations going into this movie and well i am glad that was the case. Going from the whole Indians to Buzz thing killed the movie right off the bat. Other than Cerano and Dorn none of the other important characters appear in the movie. Kind of dull at times

Benjamin N (br) wrote: Beautifully shot in spectacular locales. Fantastic acting alongside a gorgeous score. But the historical inaccuracies are unforgivable. Columbus was a piece of shit. But as fiction, this movie soars.

Jim M (es) wrote: Uninteresting John Wayne western that doesn't have much beyond Wayne going for it. Yet another example how Hollywoods Golden Age produced crap on par with anything it churns out today.

John S (ag) wrote: The comedic genius that is Charles Chaplin deviates from his usual slapstick romance formula, and successfully takes the foray into the dark comedy. The dark comedy genre and even the serial killer genre are near and dear to my heart and it warms my heart so to see it done perfectly. It's daringly dark jokes with a combination of silly slapstick and dark subject matter. It's also the first film where I feel Charlie has developed a really well-written story, where the focus is more on the character like a character study, which feels far more different (in a good way)than his usual formula. Even though Orson Welles wrote most of the story, I can still feel Charlie's influence onto the film, and it's pure comedy brilliance. The result is a moving story of a man against the world, trying to fight against the forces that be. It's heart-wrenching in it's dialogue and the poetry within it, with the last half-hour of the film just one brilliant one-liner after another. It's Charlie's most introspective and poetic of his films, and it's a mind-gripping and powerful experience.

Mike N (us) wrote: entertaining and funny.

C b (fr) wrote: When I finally decided to watch Drew Goddard's 'The Cabin in the Woods' I expected the clichd tale of a group of youngsters vacationing in the woods only to be hunted by some psychopath or demonic creature. The truth is I was half right and half wrong, and boy was that wrong, really wrong!Chris Hemsworth is the big draw here and although his role was nothing Thor like, he does plays the big jock adequately. The other characters serve their purpose well while conspiracy theorist and stoner, Fran Kranz, is the stand out performer here. Veteran Bradley Whitford has to get a mention too, as you can't help but like his sadistically kooky character.As the end credits role, you may find yourself impressed with how the creators took an old, run down plot and flipped the script before remixing it Diddy style! Then, you'll begin to wonder if there's a sequel in the works as all you want is more!All in all, writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have done a fantastic job in seamlessly weaving horror and comedy together and creating a refreshing popcorn flick that will make you chuckle before shrieking in horror! Definitely worth a watch!