Mitch Albom's For One More Day

Mitch Albom's For One More Day

A suicidal former baseball player is granted one more day with his deceased mother.

A suicidal former baseball player is granted one more day with his deceased mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beast B (jp) wrote: Not the best movie I have ever seen but it was still pretty good

Nick K (ag) wrote: I don't usually bite into those sentimental chick flicks but there are a few good moments in this film

Damir A (de) wrote: Definitely not one of Miike's better offerings. Outside the well choreographed fight scenes the movie is decidedly mediocre. And it contains one of the most poorly placed music scenes I have ever seen in a movie!

M M (es) wrote: ricorda sensibilmente Gerry di Van Sant. solo che i Treadaway avevano fatto cos successo che aggiungerci un bel quite homoerotic twincest (solo da immaginarsi, ovviamente) sembrata una buona idea. per fangirl, senza dubbio.

Kateina M (jp) wrote: celkem sluna ho?ka komedie

Nichole D (ru) wrote: Heartfelt and moving. I felt the struggles and triumphs of the characters.

Patrick J (fr) wrote: This movie is by far the wierdest I've seen.

Hunter D (kr) wrote: This movie is absolutely wretched. Uwe Boll likes to defend himself against his hoarde of harsh critics by stating that they never mention his early films (probably because no one has actually seen them), and he includes this in his list of pre-video game based movies, but I can tell you right now that this is way worse than any of the number of the video game adaptations he's made (hey, he's been showing improvement!). This is, really and truly, an awful film that belongs way down playing over and over again at the drive-in theater in the seventh circle of Hell. The movie has a storyline that's remarkably similar to a much much better movie that came out a few years later, which was Brad Anderson's The Machinist starring a Christian Bale, who looks like he just went on the Adolf Hitler starvation diet for the lead role. Both films feature protagonists who are haunted by a traumatic event and undergo serious psychological trauma as the movie goes on with a big twist in the end that ties everything up. The Machinist is a very good movie in my book that tells that sort of story very well. This version of the story however, is hideously incompent. I don't know what Uwe Boll was thinking when he was directing and editing this movie. The camerawork is boring and dull, the movie lacks any form of atmosphere, negating the possibility of building suspense, the editing is atrocious with random "disturbing" flashbacks nonchalantly cut in to what are otherwise scenes involving normal conversation, and the music ranges from unremarkable, to downright inappropriate. I also saw the "twist" coming during the first few scenes of the film, and I'm not one who is usually able to figure that stuff out way ahead of time, and that's saying something. It's also hilarious how the execution of the "twist" is handled. There are things going on with the main character, who is basically running through the woods, and in the next scene Boll just randomly decides to spell the "twist" out for the audience, rather than going through the effort of actually building it up to make it have some sort of payoff. The only thing that I can say I slightly enjoyed in this movie was the presence of Clint Howard, who was the only cast member who could act. Unfortunately this is more depressing to me than anything since he's willing to be in bilge like this. The man must need work. The only people I would recommend this movie to are budding/aspiring filmmakers. This film should be your bible on what NOT to do when making a movie, since just about every mistake and misstep you could make is present here. Bad movie aficionados and masochists like myself can also apply. Everyone else stay the f**k away.

Shaun B (us) wrote: Good cast, but quite boring.

Buggy B (nl) wrote: 12/29/15 sly Stallone storms Afghanistan to rescue his former CO Richard Crenna

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Classic from start to finish. Wonderful songs and charming story. Top drawer stuff this!

Allan C (es) wrote: In the mood for a musical comedy about eugenics? Well look no further than this Jack Benny, George Burns and Gracie Allen comedy. Made in 1936, before the Nazi Germany eugenics related atrocities were widely known, this was certainly a plot line that would not have been included just a few years later. But putting that offensive element aside (not to mention the blackface tap dance number), Burn, Allen and Benny provide enough witty moments to make this quite dated film entertaining if you're in the mood for an old timey comedy.

Katie D (de) wrote: One of my favorite Lon Chaney films. I'm a sucker for silent films with tragic endings and lovely girls.

Yash B (kr) wrote: Loads of fun with tons of explosive action and special effects but cliched at moments along with some iffy acting. Its not the best action movie in the world, but certainly not the worst. It's a silly and over the top action movie that doesn't have the best acting or dialogue, but that doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had with it.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Rachel T (es) wrote: Speaks to the grotto fanatic in me as well as the archeologist I must have been in another life.

Amanda S (de) wrote: I've seen it and it's just hilarious!!! I love how the Jason Segel and Russell Brand characters just seem to bond through the movie. I did notice that a few of the other guys that Jason did Knocked Up with, are in the movie, and they make the movie that much more funnier to watch. I love Mila Kunis in it, and she does more comedy in this movie that she did in 70s show as Jackie.

Evan M (fr) wrote: If you know this film then you know it's all about the climax. Unnerving & disturbing.

Daniel R (it) wrote: A rare kind of mystical fantasy cinema that breaks you emotionally thanks to its is fascinating ideas, gorgeous visuals, incredible performances and excellent craftsmanship - guaranteed to alienate many but also guaranteed to obsess you for weeks.

Cucumber T (us) wrote: Beautiful and brutal. I was mesmerized through the whole film, enchanted by its beauty and lost in the emotional horror of Rebecca's longing.