A two-bit actor faces challenges after he is asked by Police to impersonate a look-alike gangster.

A two-bit actor faces challenges after he is asked by Police to impersonate a look-alike gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Forest W (ru) wrote: It is truly rare to come away from a film feeling as if everyone involved made the absolute perfect decision at every step. Too many films are written and crafted in such a way as to serve up cliches and heavy-handed plot twists expected by audiences. It is refreshing to see such a delicate touch here, a writer/director and cast willing to let a very heavy story play itself out through a series of seemingly unrelated, insignificant human interactions. Nothing forced, or spelled out for the audience, just a glimpse into the lives of these men, both suffering in their own way.

Adam A (jp) wrote: Ryan Reynolds makes this hazard situation worth the otherwise long silenth, dark moments, of your time. "Burried" is emotional, intense and nothing for the claustrophobic, edgy viewer.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Great cast with their charming performances to make this rom-com the most fun to watch with heart, hilarity, charm and a nice theoretic insight. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Muffin M (it) wrote: I own this on DVD in a two movie pack along with:* Hot Shots! (1991)

Cody M (gb) wrote: Fun tongue-in-cheek action comedy about a blind Vietnam veteran (Rutger Hauer) who finds himself the protector of an old war buddy's bratty son after he runs afoul of the mob. But Hauer is far from helpless, as he proves to be a master swordsman who dices his way through the opposition. Goofy Americanization of the famous Zatoichi films works due to director Philip Noyce's bouncy direction and Hauer's effortless charm as our sightless hero, and everyone involved knows not to take it to seriously by a good cast of character actors. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Alan C (it) wrote: Low budget hybrid of Aliens and Scanners. Suffers from the lack of any originality. OK way to kill a bit of time whilst ironing but definitely nothing special.

Mike S (it) wrote: Not a great movie; but bizarre special effects make this a memorable Russian horror movie based on Gogol's great short story.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: It's like a way-overlong Super Bowl commercial that would air on Travel Channel with known actors portraying the vacationers for dramatization, only for this comedy with the added romance that was stirred up. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Alec L (nl) wrote: One of Sandler's better efforts, Happy Gilmore will entertain and amuse, if it continues its star descent into immaturity and misogyny. Centered on a hopeless hockey amateur's foray into golf in order to save his grandmother's house (how Sandler!), this film provides a vehicle that is perfect for Sandler's manchild character to wreak as much havoc as possible. Boasting a few memorable scenes, Happy Gilmore will ultimately distract you for just enough time to be bearable.

Dan C (nl) wrote: Low budget and terrible in every way... A must see!

Brendan N (mx) wrote: odd film but a shame it's really all over the place Disney has always tried original stories which fall flat but its good to see non sequels being made. that being said, this film is too hard to follow and isn't as interesting as the film thinks it is

Alfia T (gb) wrote: ???? ?? ???????? ??????? ??????? ? ????? ? ????????, ?? ??? ?? ????????, ??????? ?? ????? Pulp.

Jens S (mx) wrote: This is by far the most entertaining movie I never understood. There is massive amount of banking and stock exchange terminology here, but the characters, writing and direction make this such a fast and fun experience that you don't even mind. The cast is fantastic, the editing outstanding, only the shaky and sometimes out of focus camera may put off some viewers. Don't let the massively complex topic scare you off, yes the movie requires some concentration, but it is very rewarding, even though you will be immensely pissed during the end credits.