Modern Life

Modern Life

A look at several generations of farmers and several farmer families in contemporary France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Modern Life torrent reviews

Derek S (ca) wrote: This needs to hurry to a theatre in the United States!!! The anticipation is killing me...

Ian R (au) wrote: Pretty typical film noir plot, but done well with a solid cast and menacing soundtrack ala Cape Fear. Worth checking out.

Matt R (au) wrote: Very entertaining WW2 story...

Andy P (es) wrote: Powerful Glaswegian drama with a great first performance by McCarron as a troubled teenager trying to live down a reputation set by his family.

Michele T (ag) wrote: what happened to this movie coming out jan 2 2013

Andres T (ag) wrote: simplemente espectacular!!!

NinjaZu A (us) wrote: Great B grade type movie solid story and cast - can watch over and over.

Maisam M (jp) wrote: hahahaha... again.. hahahahaha....

James B (nl) wrote: God-awful comedy. Not even John Cleese can save the film, though he does try.

Hannason L (ru) wrote: really long, but the end made the wait well worth it!

Matt S (kr) wrote: after all these years, it still "has me at hello".

Geoffrey F (kr) wrote: over the top action that ultimate lampoons its own tropes