Modern Romance

Modern Romance

A film editor breaks up with his girlfriend, unsure if he is in love.

Albert Brooks directs himself as a successful film editor with far too many issues that affects the relationship between him and his remarkably patient girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack T (jp) wrote: Rather than being an advertisement for the fandom, Bronies serves as a truly insightful, compelling, and often delightful look at why so many young adults enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Your best bet is to watch it with an open mind if you otherwise would have no interest.

F B (es) wrote: Average film but much of it in Italian so unable to understand.

Felix P (gb) wrote: A drama about a woman living two lives, one being a stasi agent abroad, and hiding a dark secret. Great historic thriller.

Peter S (fr) wrote: My new all time Car chase film favorite. If Fast and Furious was a realistic and serious film, this is it. It combines the minimalist approach that Drive took and excellent realistic car chases with real speeds and no smell of CGI oil smeared anywhere, combined with a subtle but energetic soundtrack, the final act becomes one hell of a ride. Although lacking in story and character development, its enough to keep you entertained and let the visual spectacle tell the story.

Mark F (kr) wrote: Such a cliche of high school life but it did flow together nicely. I am still lost about the ending though.

Kassy S (jp) wrote: sounds interesting. wouldn't be the worst movie i'm sure.

Luis O (fr) wrote: Despite the performances of two great actors, the story line is quite boring. Was there really a need to make a film just because he was a Bestseller of a diet book?

Adam H (kr) wrote: Gets me every time. When I'm down, or happy in a relationship and looking back, you just have to play Toni Childs' music (featured in the movie) and... well... it's just so STRAIGHT TO THE HEART.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: A very far fetched version of Hoffa's life story

Danielle P (fr) wrote: One of my favorites .... Not over the top.. Just all around great movie...

Angjelin H (ag) wrote: Another product of neorealism from De Sica which consists of many surreal elements. Great social critique, genuine and at times humurous movie, although not entirely satisfiable and not on par with Ladri di biciclette and Umberto D!

Marco L (br) wrote: Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i love the horror genre... but... A total wast of my time. AVOID!!!!!

John E (kr) wrote: Just one of those quirky indies that I love, with two of my favourite people to watch.

Stephen E (fr) wrote: "Red River" is outrageously dated, uneventful and also pretty boring. Despite good performances from John Wayne and Walter Brennan, I couldn't find much about that I actually liked. Sure, I can understand why many call "Red River" one of the greatest Westerns ever made because it has that classic charm and feel, but it doesn't hold a candle to films like "High Noon" and "Stagecoach." It's just so average.