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Mohabbath torrent reviews

David S (jp) wrote: A film depicting the story of James Brown through his life, it left me wanting more. It swiftly went through certain times and changed years very quickly. That's my major gripe with it. Chadwick Bozeman killed this role. Down to the voice Chadwick got fully immersed into this role. The supporting cast is also very very good. I just wish the story was more detailed or longer

Troy K (us) wrote: Way better than I thought it was going to be, but it was still boring with a weak ending.

Jonny P (mx) wrote: I'm really not sure how I feel about "Holy Rollers." Christianity and gambling don't really mesh and that's why people will actually watch this. Whether it is curiosity, a love for controversial topics, or a desire to judge these guys, it's hard not to be interested in this concept. "Holy Rollers" chronicles a group of pastors and church members who count cards at Blackjack to support themselves as they dedicate the rest of their time to the church. While this group treats gambling as a business, so of the drama that they face seems un-Christian and that's where I get a bit upset with this film. Still, it is really fun to watch these guys camble thousands of dollars as if it was Monopoly money. This movie has a lot of appeal because of its "WHAT?!?!? factor," but realize that these men are portrayed very honestly and you might not always like what you see as their story progresses.

erika r (de) wrote: the closing night film of the 2010 projecting change film festival. i don't think i could risk my life on the atlantic seas for a whale, but i have enormous respect for those who do.

Melissa K (it) wrote: Funny, but not perfect. I liked it, but it could have been a little better.

Rmy B (kr) wrote: interresting, is'nt it?


John M (fr) wrote: Very visually appealing for a low budget. No lame CGI here. I was entertained throughout. The only thing that bothered me was that one robot can take out an entire room full of military folks, but then the 3 main characters fight off two in hand to hand combat, and destroy dozens more. All in all, it's well done.

Martin T (fr) wrote: oo existentialist, if you ask me; it was like a Bergman chamber drama, but with people speaking far too abstractly. It was more interesting at the points where it dealt in the specifics of the relationships between the characters (which are confusing). I enjoyed the use of colored lighting to separate characters, and the way it drains away at the end, leaving everyone in shades of gray. The film has an intense claustrophobia to it, but the weighty and muddled dialogue makes it hard to get into.

Shounak B (it) wrote: This time Kurosawa's film not only criticizes and mocks about the patriarchal social hierarchy, but also the whole administrative process of post war Japan, and there lies the main reason of its universality in its concept, which is not a bit outdated. Here the Master even didnt leave the main protagonist out of criticism. The narrative changes in unusual way,sometimes through voiceover,or sometimes through the eyes of different supporting casts here, but never leaves the central plot. When the fellow bureaucrats trying to postmortem their recently dead colleague and come to conclusion that despite suffering a mortal disease, only he had the ability to do such extraordinary thing and the last shot of the film fully supports that, it seems like a slap to us.

Brett B (us) wrote: While not as good as the first film this one was a solid horror film that begins to elaborate on the mystery on the madness that is Michael Myers. This is a tad simple, it still expands on the original story that is necessary in a series.

Ashley M (ag) wrote: Disturbing. Dominic Cooper does a magnificent job in the movie

Jake M (de) wrote: This movie would have been viewed as an animated classic today if it hadn't turned into a never ending franchise a couple years later. It's already a good stand-alone movie to begin with. The characters are well developed, the animation is good (for back then anyway), it's funny, and it's emotional when it's supposed to be. My only problem is this: what is the point of Scrat? He has nothing to do with the story whatsoever and he's not the comedy relief; that's Sid's job. But overall, this is still a fun stand-alone animated film.

Megan M (jp) wrote: Strange and Unusual movie. You will not soon forget this movie.