Meghna Sengupta, a correspondent working at a news channel in New Delhi, one day receives a videotape from a remote place in Madhya Pradesh, Anuppur. On the tape, a battered young man claims to be the real Mohandas and alleges that someone else has stolen his identity. Someone else is living as 'Mohandas'.

Born in a poor family, young Mohandas lands an important job at the 'Oriental Coal Mines'. However, his success story is brutally disrupted when somebody steals his identity and takes his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mohandas torrent reviews

Alex G (nl) wrote: Despite great performances, the story takes the easy choice almost every step of the way and often verges on the cliche.

Sarah P (br) wrote: This was more storytelling - I would have liked to see a more science-focused documentary style, but I still thought it was pretty interesting.

Diane H (es) wrote: I liked the fact that the plot unfolded gradually. The audience didn't really know what was going on at first, but, as the movie progressed, it was gradually exposed. Though it wasn't totally apparent, I correctly guessed the surprise ending about halfway through the movie. That didn't ruin it for me, though. The movie was suspenseful. And it was scary; I had to peek through my fingers a number of times during a film.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Liked the idea of this film, made me think and its very dramatic

Claire T (de) wrote: funny film but I do not want this movie on DVD, I expected this film to be funnier than it was, it starred Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy and George Clooney played ok parts

Dylan D (mx) wrote: Ali isn't quite a masterwork or the best film in the Michael Mann canon, but it comes awfully close. The movie occasionally falls into over length and overindulgence for Mann, but its core is splendidly realized, focusing much more on the man rather than the fighter, and by extension finding the fighter in the man. It's beautifully assembled beyond a few moments of slowdown. Casting and performances are absolutely fantastic and the movie is a treasure even amongst the long and storied history of Boxing films.

John K (ru) wrote: This little gem is a guilty pleasure of mine! It's subversively funny, dangerously sexy, and camp without being silly. I LOVE it! Not for everyone.

Ryan V (mx) wrote: Extremely inferior sequel. The cast is great, but the plot is unmemorable. That's saying a lot, considering the genre this came from.

Justin R (es) wrote: a descent Elvis movie, but same ole, same ole, another love triangle, same plot as another movie, only different occupation & why does it say (2000)?

Jacob B (ca) wrote: It has a rather uninteresting plot with dumbass action but with Neeson as an awesome character with huge motivation backing him up, its hard not to enjoy it.B