Journalist Roma Singh is the daughter of a jailer. While taking a tour of the jail, she is molested by some of the inmates, and an inmate, Vishal Agnihotri comes to her assistance. She finds out that Vishal is in for four homicides, and decides to investigate further. She finds out, with the help of the owner of her publications, Jindal that Vishal was compelled to take the law in his own hands when the courts failed to punish the assailants of his sister and sweetheart. Soon, Vishal is released from prison, and begins to work for Jindal. It is then that he realizes that he has just walked from a walled prison, to an open prison, as the truth behind his release slowly but surely starts to dawn on him.

Journalist Roma Singh is the daughter of a jailer. While taking a tour of the jail, she is molested by some of the inmates, and an inmate, Vishal Agnihotri comes to her assistance. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xpocalypse S (jp) wrote: Survival lessons: If you're trying to ditch an annoying kid with polio who idolizes you, tell him you'll come play catch on the 6th Tuesday of July. Admittedly, a chick with a hot dog fetish who walks around with ketchup and mustard bottles strapped to her thighs is kind of weird, sometimes you have to take what you can get. Crapping in a vase in front of people is never cool, bro. Not even in the apocalypse. Just don't do it.

Daniel H (jp) wrote: Likeable if not slightly dull film.

James L (au) wrote: Still one of my favorite comedies to this day.

Smashproplaya (ag) wrote: Good Parts: The HumorBad Parts: Everything Else!

Kevin W (mx) wrote: Visual style that fits so well with 90s Hong Kong. Though some may get frustrated with the story progression (like my mother) the visuals were stunningly enough to keep my interest like with every other film by Mr. Wong. Loved Faye in this, so quirky and offbeat.

Lori (mx) wrote: i love it when i was little

Cassandra M (de) wrote: Well straight off, I've got to say that the dialogue throughout the first half of this film had me in absolute non stop, side splitting hysterics. In terms of script, I can't honestly off the top of my head think of another film that comes even close to this! Just check out the conversation between our main man (the awesomely cool Issac Hayes) and his bounty hunting partner (the always excellent Alan Weeks) concerning Hayes cat peeing on his shirt as an example to illustrate the above ? absolutely priceless! In fact everything and I mean everything about the film (for the said first half) is absolutely meriting of a full ten stars. Our main protagonists are instantly likable, the seventies fashions are groovy, the music is super cool and the action is spot on.Unfortunately although the film remains superb throughout, the feel good factor that so permeates throughout the proceedings early on is all but abandoned in favour of a far more brutal approach in the second half. Don't get me wrong, this in itself isn't a bad thing, it's just that the sudden loss of all humour is sadly missed.On the other hand, the action (and indeed gore!) picks up a major pace at the same point as if to compensate for this subtraction. And if it's violent action that you're after then you've come to the right place because Truck Turner proves to be one hell of an adversary to the villains in this. Special mention must be made of the main villains (played by the excellent Yaphet Kotto) eventual demise which utilises an intriguing reverse POV camera shot, meticulously mimicking his staggering death throes ? great stuff!All in all, this is quite rightly regarded as a true blaxploitation classic. Simply awesome stuff!

Matt B (gb) wrote: Renoir, Gabin and all those great train can't lose

Phillip Patricia G (ag) wrote: Good film with good cast. Don Cheadle had me rolling.