A suicidal artist goes into the desert, where he finds his doppelgänger, a homicidal drifter.

Armed with little more than a knife and two handles of vodka, an near-suicidal Hollywood director sets out to the Mojave Desert, where he finds his doppelganger-like antagonist, a homicidal drifter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (it) wrote: I'm not a stiff or anything, but I feel that the movie could have stood well on its own with the 1000 f bombs. At some point it's just too much. Still, very funny movie. Just not one that you might feel comfortable watching around parents (even if your parents drop f bombs themselves now and again)

Mitch S (nl) wrote: I don't get it. The guy is convicted of massive fraud but they allow him to continue to live in luxury until he is sentenced? Throw the bum in jail until he's sentenced.

Antony W (ca) wrote: good to see f prince jr. get the crap beaten out of him, but he still got the girl in the some things never change there, hehehe

Clay B (it) wrote: MURDER AT 1600 (1997)

Mister C (gb) wrote: When into production and was completed in either 1979 or 1980,the sequel to the runaway boxoffice independent action flick of 1974 wasn't released in the United States until 1982. In 1974,writer-producer-director H.B Halicki set the record for the longest car chase in cinema history,"Gone in 60 Seconds"(34 minutes out of its original 105 minute running time),also made boxoffice history as well where a total of 93 cars were wrecked during the filming of this successful low budget classic. The 1974 independently made film remains right up there with "Bullitt","Vanishing Point",and "The French Connection",as one of the greatest car chase movies ever made.The 1982 sequel "Gone In 60 Seconds II:The Junkman",or "Grand Theft Entertainment",had more incredible car chase scenes packed and more cars were wrecked into its 99 minute running time. Eight years from the original,this gave Halicki a bigger budget to work with here,and also managed to land a major studio deal. Whilst boasting a couple of some of the greatest auto stunts ever filmed,including one spectacular scene of a car flying over a plane,the film doesn't have the intensity or the rawness of the original that made it a unique experience. And to boost the intensity to the sequel,Halicki and company managed to add Christopher Stone,Hoyt Axton,Freddie Cannon, and even Lynda Day George onto the casting. The storyline here finds Halicki being pursued by two hitmen and one slinky megacool hitwoman with designer handguns. Most of the car chases are obviously deliberate,and lack the spontaneity of the 1974 film. However,the most exciting scene in this film where Halicki tosses a live grenade over his head to the guy behind him that blasts the Chevy right over Halicki's Caddy is the one that watch for that is the most astounding action sequence ever filmed. I've never seen a better action movie like this,but its over the top.

Aldo P (de) wrote: El director, pero sobre todo logra una mancuerna perfecta entre la musica, fotografia y reparto, dotando a una historia simple de mucho estilo y bastante, bastante funcional y disfrutable.

Greg W (us) wrote: sweet! another lost review & rating-grrrr!

Raymond B (us) wrote: Bob Hope does not act, he just is. This film is the same way, he just is a part of the story and, yet is the story. There is no one today who could parody detective flicks like Hope could.

Jeremiah Z (jp) wrote: heritier de Metropoliz, Fritz Lang livre une emouvante aventure humaine portee par les debuts de l'imagination cinematographique. Les lecteurs de Tintin y reconnaitront les inspirations d'Herge

Tyler G (mx) wrote: Hilarious movie. Chainsaw worshipping hookers from Hollywood. Great premise, didn't really deliver. Loved Jay Richardson's role as the womanizing detective.

Bryant P (ag) wrote: Serves as a fitting end to a legendary trilogy but it is undoubtedly flawed. Not even Christopher Nolan himself can surpass what he did in the Dark Knight

Maureen W (it) wrote: I remember the fiml name but not what happened, but it must have made an impression to stick in my mind for so many years!!