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Moksha torrent reviews

Andy B (de) wrote: These kind of movies where a regular guy has some kind of superpower but isn't a comic book movie always seem to come up short of what you hope to see. its an entertaining movie and has some twists to it though not nearly as interesting as one of Neil Burger's other films "the illusionist" which i really liked. I liked the actors and the writing was fine. There were some interesting shots too. I dunno i guess it just didn't live up to the title for me. it would seem a guy able to use 100% of his brain could do more than make a lot of money and out-wit people.

Jay W (au) wrote: It had everything that I like to see when Animals Attack. It was great the protagonist "Human one" even was eaten in the second act. The Cg's for the Croc where above average and very believable.

Helen E (es) wrote: Meh, I don't think it was as good as Kidulthood. The story wasn't as interesting. The acting is a lot better and the ubarn slang isn't quite as annoying but it's still missing something. It was an obvious direction to go in but didn't really sastify. A good first effort from Noel Clarke but is a lot better, should watch that instead, it's a better story.

Sourav M (fr) wrote: Its morbid and beautiful.

Linda Fankhouser R (de) wrote: Excellent movie. Excellent acting.

Jackson G (jp) wrote: I laughed so hard. The guy has such ghetto friends. Chase scene at the end is pretty borin. Also the newscaster is awesome

Jack G (ag) wrote: It is always interesting to listen to Burroughs talk. He has this amazing voice that just tickles all the way up your spinal column. The only problem is when people decide to focus more to the drug aspect of him than the spiritual aspect of his character. This movie has good moments but is a little to drug ambiance heavy.

Joe M (fr) wrote: Fascinating, quirky short film which leaves more to the imagination than it tells. Interesting also as the basis for 12 Monkeys.

Dean M (ca) wrote: A romantic melodrama that is badly dated, especially considering the fact that it top lines John Wayne and he doesn't get the girl in the last reel. There's been some criticism by other reviewers that Joan Crawford doesn't sound French. Then again neither does anyone else in the film. The rest of the cast.

Zhiyuan L (ag) wrote: inspiring in the way the film is presented