Set in 1984, when the war on drugs was at its height, the story concerns a strain of mold developed by the government to wipe out Colombian coca fields. Unfortunately, during a demonstration, the mold gets out of control and proves to be deadly to more than just vegetation.

Set in 1984, when the war on drugs was at its height, the story concerns a strain of mold developed by the government to wipe out Colombian coca fields. Unfortunately, during a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James N (au) wrote: it made me think about what if. very good show.

Brad P (ag) wrote: The second best in the series after part 2

Tom S (fr) wrote: Seems like every encounter was one more dysfunctional family unit and that grew tedious. The pregnant GF swears she will NEVER agree to marry the father of her child. What's this all about? I'd never want to watch this again.

Amelia T (de) wrote: a thoughtful film on a kid growing up in Iran ..

Douglas B (de) wrote: i just loved it, now i want to watch the original 2 movies

Larry T (es) wrote: From the first scene of the film it's pretty obvious where this overly cynical film is heading, but that doesn't stop the movie from sufficiently giving you the creeps. The movie certainly benefits from the naturalness between the young actors in the film.

Mark B (kr) wrote: I can't say I completely followed the story but I do love the style of the film.

Mesha B (ag) wrote: Good movie, decent fighting weird story line.

Raja S (it) wrote: Not a masterpiece as i expected it would be.but definitely great.i will rate it around 4.6/5

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Directed by Rob Cohen (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993), Daylight (1996) and The Fast and the Furious (2001)), this is a very exciting and entertaining action-fantasy-adventure, written by Charles Edward Pogue (The Fly (1986)). It's a lighthearted, cheerful romp, and it's adventures like this that are dying out in cinemas these days. In Olde England, around 1000 AD, the Knight Bowen (Dennis Quaid) has been chasing a dragon called Draco (voiced by Sean Connery), who saved the life of Saxon Prince Einon (David Thewlis). But with the new lease of life, Einon turned evil, enslaving rebels to build a castle. Bowen finds Draco with a view to kill, however after learning Draco is the last dragon ever, Bowen and Draco form a truce and a partnership. Defrauding villages by doing staged dragon slayings. But it's not long before Bowen's path crosses with Einon's again, but Einon cannot die without dire consequences. It has some silly moments, but it's very entertaining, having Connery voice Draco was an inspired choice, adding humour and gravitas to the proceedings. It's still great fun to watch now.

Dustin H (kr) wrote: I guess I'll have to settle for this instead of Netflix.Probably Mickey Rourke's best role.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: Solid and stylish giallo murder mystery, delivering all the necessary twists, visual flair, and offbeat characters. A prime example of its genre and great entertainment for fans of Italian exploitation. Great score by Ennio Morricone.

Justin D (us) wrote: While I love Bava as much as the next dude, this movie surprised me a bit. It DID entertain me, but not in the way I was expecting. I got more out of the groovy mod aspects of the film than the actual giallo mystery, which I never thought I'd say in a million years.It just felt slow and diluted to me and I didn't really get hooked into any of the characters, like I normally would in this type of film.However, I will say that it was still more entertaining than much of what gets put out in Hollywood today.

Konrad A (ag) wrote: A good movie that has good history. So if you like Davy Crockett it could be the right movie for you to see. My favorite song was Davy Crockett that's a good song

Ryan L (gb) wrote: The third Tarantino film, Jackie Brown is probably his most underrated film. not many people love this movie, including myself, but I do like it a lot. it has a different feel to it, in my opinion, probably the least Tarantinoy movie out there. but the characters are cool, especially Robert DeNiro as Louis, the dialogue is sharp, and the ending of the film is amazing. a good movie but one of my least favorite Tarantino flicks. 7.4/10

Steve W (ag) wrote: Its a staple for action heroes to have weird names. This movie is no different, and Bronson plays Vincent Majestyk, Vietnam vet and melon farmer. After beating up an obnoxious redneck, Majestyk is arrested and escapes prison with a NY hitman. After trying to give up the hitman to the police for a plea deal, Frank Renda the NY hitman escapes. Swearing revenge, Majestyk must take on organized crime, while trying to harvest his watermelons!The movie starts out great, with Bronson delivering tons of badass quips and moments. The actors who plays Frank Renda and the redneck are pretty good, but the movie slows down near the end and ends on a fizzle rather than a bang. Written by Elmore Leonard, this crime movie should have been better, but it only has a few cool moments, and not much else.

bill s (ag) wrote: Everyone wants to do one of these movies but few do it right and this aint right.

WS W (de) wrote: Although corny, amusing.

Andruw F (ag) wrote: This is just above "so bad it's funny." But JGL gave a great performance, as always. I liked some of the director's choices, especially showing the time and showing JGL figuring out the fastest way. And putting arrows when he was doing that! And the script is fine, and some minor laughs. But aside from JGL, the other main cast gave awful performances, and what's sad is that Michael Shannon's was not only the worst, but it was a really bad performance. But in the end, it's mainly just bike chases that aren't very good. This is a pretty good time if you choose to catch it on cable. And the words they use to replace profanity will increase the entertainment value.

Michael O (gb) wrote: Mindless crime flick.