The story of a man called "Moth", who becomes an entertainment star. Burdened with great popularity and entertainment events, he can not find his way around, and gets in series of comic ...

The story of a man called "Moth", who becomes an entertainment star. Burdened with great popularity and entertainment events, he can not find his way around, and gets in series of comic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J G (jp) wrote: Great action, entertaining, clever assassination techniques . . .

Jesper M (gb) wrote: 3 1/2 out of 5 - nice work, mr. Barnewitz!

Ajek H (ru) wrote: Segalanya tentang B-movie.. meleret...zzZZzzz = Takyah buang masa kau tonton. Itu je. (oh unless kalau kau nak jamu mata! lol)

bill s (au) wrote: Just well done movie in feel and acting.....predictable but that did not bother me at all.

Chiek E (jp) wrote: True love is to let go knowing that is best for the other party. 37 year old Uma Thurman lets go of 23 year old jewish boy friend when she reconciled to their differences in faith and age were real obstacles to a long lasting relationship. It's this realistic ending that I like very much. Aside getting to watch Meryl Streep in action.

John T (ag) wrote: This was different. I have to say I did enjoy it, though.

Cara M (gb) wrote: Heard it sucked, but Chris Tucker's been gone for 6 years, so I'll check him out.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Historias de terror contadas por los maestros Romero y King, lo mas destacable el mismo King vctima de un ser extraterrestre.

M C (jp) wrote: Bill Murray gives a great performance in this very funny and entertaining movie. 82/100

Carl M (nl) wrote: A motorcycle accident leaves Rose terribly disfigured, so she is given an experimental skin graft that restores her to her former beauty. The procedure has an unexpected side effect, however, as she is overcome with an insatiable need to feed on the blood of others through a strange new appendage that has grown out of her arm pit. Soon, all of Montreal becomes infected by the disease Rose leaves behind in her victims. David Cronenberg's sophomore Horror outing falls closely in line with his first feature, SHIVERS, both in theme and in structure, although the claustrophobic confines of the small apartment building have opened up to the whole of Montreal. Man's attempt to control nature through medical advancement unleashes unspeakable horrors once again, twisting the body into the weapon of our own destruction. The larger scale allows Cronenberg to touch on the same concerns of governmental inadequacy in times of crises that we have seen before in George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE CRAZIES. Here, vampirism is linked to venereal disease, as well, another growing concern that would dominate public interest in the early 80's with the AIDS epidemic. Former Playmate Marilyn Chambers is surprisingly good as Rose, a sexy seductress who easily lures countless victims into her web. While it may not be a work for which he is most recognized, RABID shows a continued development in David Cronenberg's particular style that would later recur in works like THE BROOD, SCANNERS, and VIDEODROME.

Tricia R (jp) wrote: The classic musical does not disappoint on camera with such a class A list of stars playing all our favorite rolls. Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, and Jean Simmons are all a perfect fit to play the characters they are cast as. Guys and Dolls is one of the best musicals to come out of the 1950's.

Tony B (au) wrote: very well written and acted. only the patient movie-goers will like this.

Jim L (ag) wrote: The first half was surprisingly entertaining, though probably a tad more humourous than it set out to be. The second half, unfortunately, was one large clich.

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: Fast paced action & dialog full of easy going wit & humor.Isn't exactly a feminist anthem with the rare exception of the distressed damsel kungfuing all the kings men all to hell. Makes a play for the sanctity of place and home & derides the havoc wreaked by royal or any other type of title exercising its prejudice in its place.

Adam T (es) wrote: To me, this was the whole point of the prequels- Anakin Skywalker falls from grace and becomes Darth Vader. Everything leading up to this premise- while entertaining and brilliantly done- is more or less padding because we know how it will end. Consequently this is the episode in the prequel trilogy that 'feels' the most like a Star Wars movie for me. The inclusion of much loved characters like Chewbacca, R2D2 and C3PO feels more like lip service for the older fans. What I personally enjoyed about this one was the Emperor's subtle coaxing of Anakin to the dark side. It was almost Faustian in the way it was played out. This only cemented Anakin's inner conflict which caused an inevitable rift with his friends and loved ones. The isometric lightsaber duels are impressive in all their digital complexity but it is the emotional stuff that gives the film its thrust. When we see the final scene of Darth Vader rising from the operating table a la Frankenstein's monster, it feels like the emphatic moment in the third act that finally gives us logical continuity.

Zandra E (fr) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie! Unfortunately it tries to hard to be artistic and you see that more energy went into the overwrought cinematography than the pacing of the movie or the development. It felt more like something I'd see in art school than real life. To quote Peter Griffin, the move insisted on itself. I can just hear the director making everyone dial it back giving some bullshit faux indie reasoning. I can't fault the cast because they are great. The director obviously let this film down.