Mollo tutto

Mollo tutto

Franco is tired of his life as a shopkeeper in Rome and decides to leave his wife and daughter to begin a new life in Tunisia. Things don't work out as planned and he's forced to go back to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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m w (gb) wrote: awesome documentary. if you like jiro dreams of sushi, definitely check this out.

Michelle K (gb) wrote: This movie was literally the worst movie I have personally ever seen! The acting was amateur at best. The dialogue was unrealistic and useless. The scenery and setting was minimalistic, but I guess it was a low budget film. The worst part was the countless breast scenes that had absolutley nothing to do with the plot. The scenes were out of place and didn't fit into the story at all! The only redeeming quality was the zombies. They looked pretty gruesome and cool. I guess they spent all the money on makeup and not the actors/writing.

Eddie M (ag) wrote: I hope this movie ends up on Netflix so everyone gets a chance to see it. It's different from your usual formulated spoof movie, and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Great job!

KJ P (it) wrote: "Snow Day" is a very kid-friendly film that celebrates the joy of the winter season, while also following every single romance cliche in the book. This film feels like half kid-comedy and half teen-soap. The acting is ham-handed and the script is thin, but it has just the right amount of heart and spirit to keep it afloat. The fan base of this film comes directly from kids between the ages of 8 and 14, where the jokes are understandable, before they become laughably cheesy. Many of these actors have gone on to do something big, and for me, this film is a big nostalgia piece. I have a blast watching these characters journey through an event-filled day off school. It's a dumb fun movie that everyone can turn their brains off and enjoy. There is just something about it that clicks.

Allan M (ru) wrote: A terrific cast, interesting dialogue and great ambition lets Magnolia works on pretty much every level, improving Paul Thomas Anderson's great catalogue of films.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: Combining the abrupt editing of Der Siebente Kontinent (1989) with Todd Haynes' narrative structure in the disturbing Poison (1991), we take a layered trip once more into the mass media surroundings of the middle class and the undeniable implications it executes in cotidianity. Simultaneous to Tarantino's roller-coaster of intertwining stories, this is a challenging masterpiece that divides life itself into little fragments where everything is mathematically interrelated in an endless set of possibilities while questioning the futility of violence.97/100

Camille L (fr) wrote: Une veritable catastrophe dans la lignee de la saga terrible, malgre HERBERT LOM et BURT KWOUK. ROBERTO BENIGNI est horriblement horripilant, la realisation est aux abonnes absents, les gags execrables et le scenario lamentable. Nul et non avenu.

Caleb M (br) wrote: God DAMN these guys could put on a show!

angel m (us) wrote: Its so rare That they get an Actress / Actor That look so much like the victim They portrey.. Mariel Hemingway comes close ..??? Dorothy Stratten was like an innocent little doe That Was Stalked and seduced By the big bad Wolf!! Such A tragic ending !

Tressa T (it) wrote: I have owned the album..then cassette....then the CD....then found the album again....!

David B (us) wrote: After a severe electrical storm worms begin to crawl out of the ground and prey on humans. Atmospheric little film set in Georgia and definitely worth your time if you have a fear of worms!

I dont know w (ag) wrote: After being nominated for best picture in the 50s, it just disappeared. No one remembers it!

Shane J (fr) wrote: wwe films attempting something different from there film division,this film is clearly just one long anti bullying video. It never quite reaches the moral level it wants but as coming to age drama's go it was ok but by numbers. harris is good as the main teacher and most of the kids are pretty good,being a wrestling financed film randy orton turns up for 10 minutes as a father of one of the bullys. it reminded me of one long episode of the wonder years?

Michael W (gb) wrote: Decent start to the franchise. Lots of actions. Lots of violence. Little plot. Couldn't ask for much more.