Momcheto si otiva

Momcheto si otiva

The action centers on Ran and his schoolmates who are in the last year of school. They are only a few days away from the day when they will have to make a decisive choice: what are they ...

The action centers on Ran and his schoolmates who are in the last year of school. They are only a few days away from the day when they will have to make a decisive choice: what are they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (it) wrote: I hate having to search the actor to find the movie because it doesn't work when you search the title. You probably wouldn't have guessed woody Harrelson to play such a good gay man. It's an interesting story that doesn't take much time at all to draw you in. You could call it a murder mystery but it's a little deeper than that. Very well acted and it will keep you interested throughout.

Alex G (de) wrote: Lol, never seen it but first to comment!

Jerry S (kr) wrote: Ridiculous*, annoying** and boring***. * Story is... ** The dubbing is AGAIN done by some smuck. *** Where was all the fighting scenes!? The most stupidest film i have ever seen from Jackie Chan! ----------------------- DO NOT WATCH ---------------------------------

Tim D (au) wrote: Van Damme's and John Woo's Best film ever one of my favorite action movies you need to get the International version if you can its the most definitive version of this film.

James W (de) wrote: A very funny film that was a joy to see. Jean-Luc Godard proves he can do anything with this one, this film has so many things that make it hard to like but he makes it enjoyable. I especially loved that Mao song.

Landon V (us) wrote: it ain't great but its a solid squeal the the 1978 classic well the film takes place in 1978 but the continuation is alright. This 1981 squeal has taken right after the events of the first same plot, same characters, same killer. However the film has good enough kills, haunting setting, and a good cast to make benefit from how its missing its info from the original 1978. First off SPOILER SPOILER Loomis shot Micheal 6 times in this he shot him 7 times! he even says it in this movie! Always trust the first. Next a good thing about it is today its an iconic setting for horror movies such as "The Ward" carpenter did later in his career and "Session 9" which was well presented. However it can be awkward at times the film is enjoyable and solid to its previous installment. 3 1/2 stars 73%

Nusret K (br) wrote: Vasat bir aksiyon-drama. Samuel L. Jackson'in yaninda kaliteli kadrosu icin izlenebilir ama cokta bir sey beklenmemesi gereken , vasatin ustune cikamayan bir film.

Leena L (it) wrote: "talking about music/love is like dancing about architecture".Interesting mix of big name actors. fascinating. Relationships. Bloody complicated."I never knew happiness until I met your mom, and then it was too late..."

Perrine B (kr) wrote: Their escape was just the beginning.En 1941, un groupe de prisonniers s'chappe d'un goulag en Sibrie pour tenter de rallier l'Inde et de gagner leur libert. Sur plus de 4000 miles, leur priple va les confronter des climats extrmes et va leur infliger de dangereuses preuves.Peter Weir (Truman Show, Master and Commander ...) nous livre ici un voyage impressionnant avec pour but ultime la libert des protagonistes. Avec le communisme des pays de l'Est qui enfermait des gens pour des raisons parfois aussi ridicules que d'avoir jou un rle dans une pice de thtre qui ne plait pas, on comprend le sentiment de rvolte qui pouvait rgner et donner le courage de s'vader. Vcu au travers des yeux de Janusz (Jim Sturgess), l'expdition va voir ces hommes souffrir du froid, de la chaleur, de la faim, de la soif, de blessures diverses, mais jamais du dsespoir. Les paysages traverss sont magnifiques, et le rcit nous donne envie de connatre la suite. On peut cependant reprocher un manque de dveloppement de certains personnages, et surtout une fin un peu expdie. ****SPOILER : mettre autant de temps pour atteindre l'Himalaya, puis traverser les montagnes en plein hiver en quelques minutes de film, et montrer vite fait Janusz qui rejoint sa femme 50 ans plus tard... dommage !**** FIN SPOILER.