Marco (Dingdong Dantes) has found the perfect girl in Divina (Iza Calzado). Though they've only spoken on the phone, they're convinced they're meant to be together. One problem: Divina's living in 1957 and Marco in 2006.

A voyeuristic film about people in those all too familiar awkward moments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lindsay S (au) wrote: I enjoyed this with my family

Dusty L (jp) wrote: 58% on my Tomatometer.

Zachary L (ca) wrote: Decently shot film, inhabited by weak characters, going through the motions of a just average script in an effort with very little to actually say or contribute to the genre of crime drama.

Matt J (ca) wrote: D/P movies are definately the worst out of all the Pokemon movies. This one is the best in the D/P series, but falls short of being enjoyable to see.

Gav R (kr) wrote: outstanding film in every way

Jessica F (kr) wrote: A rare and insightful look into the process endured regularly by female impersonators. Some change little but their clothing, while others transform from firmly awkward fixtures in their male personas to beloved born-for-it entertainers in drag.

Noname (de) wrote: A drama movie in the same genre as Napoleon Dynamite , have much the same feeling almost i thought atleast. Story is about Hal Hafner , a teenager with heavy stutter problem joining the school debate team much for a girl's sake. Its hardly not any comedy in this one but a well scripted with slow tempo flick.

Alex T (au) wrote: Liking the music in this movie will definitely upgrade your experience. Otherwise, the fleeting scenes of Dave Chappelle being his hilarious self inbetween the performances are captivating but few.

Christina G (au) wrote: Over-slick but likeable hagiography, sanctioned by no less a figure than Kaufman himself. I was expecting it to be more gritty and to do a little more for popularizing Gram's music, but it could certainly have been worse.The Christina Applegate character was useless, useless however. I noticed Gretchen Carpenter and Polly Parsons in the "Special Thanks" at the end, though, so at least she wasn't spoofing anyone concrete. I'm assuming. Not sure where Emmylou fit into all of this ...

Evan K (de) wrote: This is the only film under the blanket realism that I think is such as that. Meaning this movie is real, nothing felt staged or eager to ploy the audience. Great film.

Sui G (gb) wrote: I don't think this one was that great of a movie.

Chayc (mx) wrote: The first 15 minutes are bad enough, with what they do with Laurie Strode, but it gets even worse by trying to "update" the series by including "new" technology as a huge part of the story. It's almost never a good idea to do this since it dates your film almost immediately. Busta Rymes & Tyra Banks only add to the wretchedness.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, July 29, 2013 (2006) Good Girl, Bad Girl ACTION/ COMEDY It says on the case that the actress Julia Stinhoff is a "Popular German film star" whatever that means. Anyways, this film is lousy as it comes, for there are so many things wrong with this film that it would require a very long essay which I'm not even prepared to do that. Now I love action films that devoid CGI like the next guy but this film is preposterous. Besides the bad acting or the bad dubbing, at the first 5 minutes showcases a guy getting killed and we don't know how and it wasn't until Julia Stinhoff comes inside into his pad telling the club owner that she's quitting and that it was her last dance. So he asks her to fetch him a drink which requires her to break some ice from the ice pick, but without handing him a drink first she listens to him when he tells her to put it back in to the ice box, and it is then she sees his dead body. She gets surprised and panicky but as her boss is walking toward her, he uses a handkerchief to pick up the ice pick which was used to kill him with. And he blackmails her by saying that she doesn't continue to work for him that he is going to pin this murder on her, and sticks this pick into a locked cabinet or drawer. She then knocks him out with his briefcase full of diamonds and runs away, instead of trying to find the key to open the drawer where he stick the pick in. She does however grab his car keys and takes off with his car with the owners right hand goon going after her. As she's speeding, plenty of German police cars are chasing her but no sirens are heard just siren lights are seen. And they are crashing into one another. This has got to be one of the lousiest car chases I had ever seen - it's like the cars are controlled by a remote control since not a single officer came out after a crash. No reports or description had been made. There's also a corrupt police officer somewhere along the way. Once she escapes she succumbs to where her sister is residing in which also happens to be a church for nuns. In fact the audience may not know this but she happens to have a twin sister who looks like her except that she's all good while she's somewhat the opposite which is why it's called "Good Girl, Bad Girl". Back in the 30's and 40's this film may have worked for some people of an actress playing herself in different roles but peoples standards are high now and it's some of the worst acting imaginable where there were times when she's talking to her twin that there would be a pause first before a proper response and that it would be off. To describe this film is using the famous "The Simpsons" line which is 'talking about your pieces of crap". Bomb

Brian S (it) wrote: Thank you, Bruno Gantillon, for finally proving to me that lesbians had incredibly dull sex in the early 70s. So boring was it, in fact, that they would appear to have frequently fallen asleep in the middle of it. Either that or broken into awkward interpretive dance while dressed in flowing, fluorescent, diaphanous gowns that probably caused a lot of stumbling and twisted ankles. Pity the poor, hobbling, half-asleep French lesbians of 1971! Not only did they have all this to contend with, they were also plagued by a rather hermaphroditic hunchbacked dwarf with an unusual fondness for crushed velvet coats and pink leggings. Ah well, at least they didn't need to carry a plot or memorize any vaguely interesting dialogue. In act, on several occasions I was quite sure I could hear the wind whistling straight through the ears of the vapid, entirely clueless lead actress. Nothing very interesting happens, unless you're excited by wooden acting, corny scripting and some of the most giggle-inducing choreography ever performed by ennui-riddled French lesbians in gauze.Did I mention the tedious lesbians? Oh, yeah, I did. The best thing about this one: no sequel. It's all a dream... which makes sense, since everyone involved was asleep. You will be, too.