Maricel Soriano and Eugene Domingo co-star with Billy Crawford and Andi Eigenmann as lovers set to get married. However, theres one stumbling block: Their mothers (that is, Maricel and Eugene) are against it. The two moms are revealed to be mortal enemies because in their younger years they fell in love with the same man. The young lovers hatch a plan to reconcile their feuding moms. The tragedy: The mothers get lost in a remote island where they are forced to work together and settle their issues if they have to survive. They do become friends again. What they dont know is that their children are on the brink of separation.

Clara and Minerva, the two women who shared the same man, meet again when their son and daughter, respectively, are about to marry each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex A (es) wrote: A highly inaccurate excuse to use a notorious tragedy as the backdrop to promote Christianity.

Dale Y (de) wrote: did this actually make it into theaters?? I was waiting....

Whitney Y (es) wrote: Hahaha, worst movie ever.

Paul H (au) wrote: Great interaction between the friends plus awesome action scenes = great flick.

Joel H (fr) wrote: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon brings a fresh feel and a fresh face to the slasher genre. It's quite entertaining how this film points out how much planning and preparation (and luck) would be needed for the murders in those types of horror movies. It also lets us enjoy a full-fledged slasher movie after showing everything that is going on behind the scenes. I was pleasantly surprised by this film.

Claire C (ru) wrote: Ice-T + senseless violence + a plot you don't need to follow = bliss.

Stephanie P (kr) wrote: Very sweet and romantic. I loved the part played by Masterson. All women want a man like this. Its nice to dream. ;)

Mike M (us) wrote: Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson in a manhunt showdown? How can you ask for more. Marvin delivers several classic lines just before taking shots of whiskey (his signature). Carl Weathers has some very memorable ones too. Great movie to watch sitting around drinking a few beers.

Allan C (au) wrote: Norman Jewison directed is funny satire of the advertising industry, written by Carl Reiner and Larry Gelbart. Doris Day is the wife of doctor James Garner, and finds herself the new most in-demand pitchwoman on TV. Comedy and chauvinism ensues.

Terri H (ag) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Hannah M (ca) wrote: Some excellent acting, a good script, and overall a very effective story... however, all that being said, I'm not sure it actually did anything to set itself apart from other very good addiction dramas. The Basketball Diaries comes to mind, a movie that I know I was impressed with at the time, but have very few strong memories of today. This is solid, but it is unremarkable, and the story is such a common one that, as well as it is told here, I am sure I will not have any strong memories of a year from now.

Matthew B (kr) wrote: So this the movie that beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture at the Oscars...WTF?.Shakespeare in Love isn't a bad movie as people are pointing out to be just because it won Best Picture at the Oscars, but Saving Private Ryan was overall a better movie and should have won, just saying.The acting was good, the directing was fine and the sets and costumes were good as well.

ThePia R (nl) wrote: I had to stop watching it, was that bad.