Dario is a little publisher from Milano. He is joining the Mantova Festival Letteratura (Book fair) 2004. Marta, his unsatisfied wife, accompanies him. Leon is a French ..

Dario is a little publisher from Milano. He is joining the Mantova Festival Letteratura (Book fair) 2004. Marta, his unsatisfied wife, accompanies him. Leon is a French ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Monamour torrent reviews

Jordan L (es) wrote: hawt zombie babez 10/10 - would watch again

Private U (it) wrote: It REALLY cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridget D (mx) wrote: Weird, but kinda cool. I dug the music too...

Adam F (de) wrote: "Tears of the Sun" really wants to be both an exciting action movie and a dramatic thriller about the horrors of war, but only the action parts really work. The film is set in Nigeria, who is stuck in the grips of civil war. Things are looking really bad for the current government and armed rebels are beginning to take over. Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) and his team of U.S. Navy SEALs are sent to extract Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks (Monica Belluci) before things get any worse than they are. The mission goes as planned, but the doctor refuses to leave without the patients being treated at the makeshift hospital/church she is working at. Begrudgingly, Waters takes her and about 70 patients who can manage to walk to a location where they can be picked up. With the rebels rapidly approaching their position, Waters reveals that he does not plan on bringing the injured out of Nigeria, only her. She protests and pleads but it is only after Waters sees the massacred bodies of those left behind in the church that he has a change of heart. The SEALs now have to find a way to bring this rag-tag group of civilians to the Cameroon border, while still being tracked by the rebels.A big flaw with the movie is the tone. This is not, as you might suspect at first, a fun action movie. You see a lot of the atrocities at the hands of the rebels and they are quite disturbing. It gets you infuriated and pumped to see the bad guys pay. I'd say that you want to see Bruce Willis and his team just mow these animals down with machines guns, stick them in the neck with knives and give them a twist while growling one-liners but that wouldn't really fit the tone of the overall movie. If it's not going to be a revenge fantasy, maybe it will be a more thought-provoking film, then. One that delivers some action, some thrills and some drama too, but in that department, there are a lot of things missing. Sure, you'll get attached and interested in the characters. It's no feat getting people upset and emotionally invested in the innocent injured Nigerians who are desperately trying to escape certain death. Yes, you will get angry seeing people get butchered like animals at the hands of those rebels but those images aren't enough to make a good movie; you also need a compelling story, character arcs and thought-provoking developments. This movie doesn't really have any of those. It all feels like a big "hurrah!" movie telling us about the awesome things the Navy SEALs do and dares you not to salute America's brave as they enter the fray to defend these poor people (even though they would have easily abandoned them to their fates earlier in the movie).One big problem is that aside from Bruce Willis' and Monica Belluci's characters, everyone else kind of feels more like a plot device than actual people. The film focuses primarily on Waters and Dr. Kendricks, at the expense of everyone else. The other members of the SEAL team barely get a few lines and as the movie plays out, it's hard to tell who's who, who's dead, who's injured and who's alive. The group they are escorting are even worse. For a film set in Africa, there are very few blacks that get any dialogue and it actually ends up being pretty awkward. It kinda, sorta feels like the nice white people coming in and fixing all of Nigera's problems with a side of guilt trip thanks to the film's closing words, that famous quote from Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Couldn't they at least cast a black woman to play Kendrick's part? They say after all that she's only an American civilian by marriage and there's nothing in Monica Belluci's performance that screams she needed to be in the role. I realize the film is based on a true story, but with a movie sometimes fudging the facts can help a lot. At the very least they could have given a larger role to Eamon Walker, the black actor who plays the role of Ellis "Zee" Pettigrew. He's a member of Waters' team and maybe they could have given him the role of being the guy who second guesses the orders of leaving all those poor people behind or something. The point is that the movie runs just over 2 hours and there would have been plenty of time to give him a meatier role. As is, they all get about as much definition as those soldiers in army recruitment commercials.The odd thing is that we're really not given a very nice portrait of soldiers. Waters and his group are basically shown as not caring at all when it comes to the danger the Nigerians might face. They are happy to trick Dr. Kendrick into following them to the helicopter and only change their minds once they see the remains of the church they visited before now burned to the ground with the area around it littered with corpses. The scene where the change of heart happens feels really contrived too. The pilot points to the SEALs the burning church, bloody water and broken bodies littering the grounds as they pass by, as if it was something cool you'd want to show your buddies. After seeing that, THEN they decide "Maybe that was kind of a jerk move, just letting those people fend for themselves, unarmed in the jungle like that". Kendrick herself, she's infuriating because apparently she is either completely oblivious to what is going to happen to everyone if they are caught by the rebels or is so anti-authority that she doesn't care. She is constantly asking for breaks and complaining that they are being pushed too hard. Damn it woman! I only ever leave my house to go to work and watch movies and even I know better than to take a break when being chased by nameless rebels!To the movie's credit, it is, at times pretty moving. Some of that might be solely because as I said before it's hard not to get affected by watching people crying over the bodies of their loved ones but there are quieter, subtler moments that work as well. The action scenes are very well done, exciting and quite realistic. Sure, there aren't any quotable lines or insane stunts but it's kind of a breath of fresh air to see something more down to earth and with the film's overall tone, it wouldn't have worked anyway. Only having seen this theatrical cut, I'd recommend you track down the extended version if you're interested in checking out the film. Perhaps the extra twenty minutes of footage would help. As is though, it's just average. It's entertaining, but not particularly memorable. (Theatrical cut on Dvd, November 25, 2013)

Sue B (ag) wrote: Be brave!!! (or else)

Brian C (jp) wrote: Ridiculously boring. Decent story but it is painful to watch

Allan C (kr) wrote: Tough little western from director Robert Aldrich. Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster head south of the border during the Mexican Civil War to hire themselves out to Maximilian I during the Franco-Mexican War. Cooper is there for more noble of purposes to take care of his family back home following the Civil War. Lancaster, on the other hand is our for more mercenary of reasons, looking to make a quick buck and having no real loyalty to anyone. Made about fifteen years before "The Wild Bunch" and pre-dating the first spaghetti westerns, I do believe this film holds a place in western history of having a lead character who is a real anti-hero in the same way as Pike Bishop or Man With No Name. The Anthony Mann westerns around this same time were a bit different and more gritty than other pre-war westerns, but they even Mann's films still followed the white hat black hat simple view of characterization and storytelling. On the downside, this film does have some draggy parts that hold it back from being a classic, but it's a solid western and I do think it deserves more credit for being somewhat of a trailblazer for the revisionist western movement. And you also get Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson in supporting roles as no good thugs.

Mark D (de) wrote: Very enjoyable A+C. All the jokes sound fresh with one or two stand out moments, such as the dice game and the money exchange. Problem is the singing. Not needed.

Jason M (es) wrote: This is a classic suspense-horror. It is quite an important cinematic masterpiece due to its German Expressionist style. Clocking in under 1 hour, it may be the 1st film with a ending twist. It also employs a frame story concept, one of the earliest cinematic examples of such a method of storytelling.This film noir has influenced so many films throughout Hollywood history, and from that perspective alone, is worth watching.