Mondo Freudo

Mondo Freudo

A “hidden camera” takes the viewer on a worldwide tour of sexual practices and rituals, including Tijuana strippers, Asian sex shows, British prostitutes, New York devil worshipers and a Mexican slave market.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:beach,   interview,   painter,  

A "hidden camera" takes the viewer on a worldwide tour of sexual practices and rituals, including Tijuana strippers, Asian sex shows, British prostitutes, New York devil worshipers and a Mexican slave market. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo A (de) wrote: Excelente documental sobre la crisis de los polinizadores, especficamente de las abejas.

Sui M (us) wrote: shitty movie with a shitty ending

Tori M (fr) wrote: The two words that best describe this film are madcap hyperactivity. It is great fun and the unique animation is a treat to watch.

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Weiting T (au) wrote: skipping tone,too much to tell in 2 and a half hours.

Brittany g (fr) wrote: Powerful and funny movie about a woman and her willingness to change her life and a community.

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Bruce s (mx) wrote: didn't realy get into it

Deadly V (ru) wrote: One of the most underrated movies i have ever seen. This movie is really really good and easily one of my favorites of all time. A must watch if you like feel good movies.

Andrew H (fr) wrote: Everything I read which argued the case for the many redeeming features of this picture seemed to have an entirely different feature in mind. this wasn't gloriously nasty, it was just nasty. it wasn't fabulously trashy, it was just trashy. Oh, and it's horriffically misogynist too, but that is just because it's "brutally politically incorrect", right?

William E (br) wrote: The man is such a fool I didn't enjoy the film.

Ram D (br) wrote: Subtle heist thriller...

Carlos I (br) wrote: A lot more corny than I was expecting. There's a couple cute gags, but otherwise I found it a bore...

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Gary B (ca) wrote: I liked the concept, unfortunately it failed in it's delivery

diah h (mx) wrote: the plus side of this movie is its concept. i think, the idea is original and intriguing, touching topics that to some people might find disturbing. The script has potential, but lack realization. the filmmakers didn't do the script justice. i will list the aspects that bothers me. one, acting performance, Eva Green is a good actress, but in this movie there are a lot of close up scenes that hard to pull and sometimes she could do it, sometimes she couldn't. Mark Smith didn't do a very good job portraying his character. the chemistry felt off for me, of course, it's all about preferences, but in a complicated romance movie like this it's crucial. two, the pace, it was so slow, to slow, the are a lot of unnecessary pause, there is a ten seconds shot of a dog, the character's walking in the beach, which was shot from afar (uninteresting, i would be better to have it close up), one person walking away(it take to long), unnecessary paused of one dialog to another(when it should be answered immediately), a lot of emotionless close up scenes (which i think take to long again). three, the sound, there aren't any scores, which was fine if it would feel natural, BUT jumping from one silent scene to loud waves, just no. and without score, it would depends on the actors to deliver emotional or dramatic scenes, and the they failed. so, all in all, it was a very boring movie, it's a good thing i can fast forward it.