Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

Manikchand Khiralal is a struggling model who gets kicked out by his mentor, Dolly, when she finds another boyfriend; Lalabhai Bharodia has no business acumen, and has lost millions; Shruti is a much abused and underpaid designer; Gaurav Negi gets fired from his job with Glamour Ad Agency; Ashima Kapoor...

Manikchand Khiralal is a struggling model who gets kicked out by his mentor, Dolly, when she finds another boyfriend; Lalabhai Bharodia has no business acumen, and has lost millions; Shruti... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natasha M (jp) wrote: Absolutely brilliant film and portrayal of mental illness! Fantastic storyline, fabulous acting and extraordinary cinematography! One of my favourite independent films by far! 100% recommend!

Mary N (ca) wrote: A great family Christmas movie.........Loved it

Ryan M (ca) wrote: 7.4/10 Sometimes, I watch horror films to be entertained, and sometimes, I watch them to be disturbed, compelled, and shocked. Films such as "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" were not made to entertain. They were mean to feel like an emotional and horrific sucker punch to the face. If a film can disturb me whilst being smart, then that's good filmmaking. Bad filmmaking, in the horror genre, to me, is when someone can disturb you merely by showing; without telling. "S&Man", which is obviously just a stylized way to spell "Sandman", is a documentary that has done its homework on some of the nastiest and most horrific horror films/snuff films in history. I don't like snuff films. I never will. I don't get pleasure out of watching anything that shows violence without a reason, or without substance. I suppose you can still be sane and enjoy these kinds of movies, but I have limited respect for those who laugh and make rude, piggish comments on films meant to provoke and disturb. I liked "S&Man" because it is smarter than it probably needs to be. It knows quite a bit about the material it is talking about, and while the material and content shown is horrific and repulsive, the film has its reasons; and they are good ones. It's not an informative documentary, per se, but it makes commentary on the horror genre, and it is commentary that actually works. The film is about the documenter and his crew diving deep into the world of horror filmmaking. There are some interviews with people who specialize in horror analysis; people that understand the genre as much as, say, a guy like me does. At its core, the movie really is about snuff films and underground horror. That is what it wants to be about; and that is the kind of movie that it is. I went in knowing that I could either feel dirty and dizzy upon viewing it, or I could absorb it and see it as intelligent filmmaking. It's a good movie, with a point (which basically stands as its story) that draws you in until the very end. Look people. Don't expect to enjoy this movie. It's not meant to be enjoyed, and it is not presented in a way where you could look at it and say, "Hey. That was fun to watch!" You shouldn't think like that, but if you are a horror fan, then you may appreciate the stuff that this film says for the dark corners of the cinematic earth. I guess when it all comes down to you deciding whether you actually want to watch this thing or not, you have to make a decision. Would you find these people sick on sight, or would you perhaps look at them for a while and then make your finale verdict? Can you sympathize for people who make snuff films for fun? I can't. I don't think they are good people; I don't think they are bad people. They are just human beings with the ability to enjoy things and acts that most cannot. If you can take "S&Man" for what it is, and without vomiting, then you're ready for it. I am recommending it because in fact, it's a smart movie. Not for everyone due to what it depicts, but it knows more than any other horror satire/documentary I've seen (from the modern era, and for quite some time, that is). If you are a smart movie-goer who likes smart horror films, then you will like this smart movie. It's as simple as that.

Javier V (ru) wrote: senti un poco estupida y absurda. Finalmente el mensaje mas claro que veo es que todo lo que uno hace se es devuelto.Creo tambien que es la version Espaola de Alfie, aunque un poco mas enfocada a lo que guarda en los pantalones.Se me hizo interesante la burla que hace a los que tienen carros bonitos. En verdad, son quienes nos dan trabajo y se la viven en reuniones importantes, pero no lo hacen todo. No son superiores. Simplemente tienen ms.Trmino medio.

Jonny P (br) wrote: "Amistad" is the American slavery story that made its way to the Supreme Court and yet, you have probably never heard about it. Steven Spielberg brings this story to life in a slow-moving but compelling courtroom setting. I expected much more from this film but that's probably why it is relatively unknown. It competed for four Oscars in the year that "Titanic" swept the event but I don't find any of the noteworthy pieces of this puzzle to be that impressive. The obvious one is Sir Anthony Hopkins and his nomination for Best Supporting Actor as John Quincy Adams. It is very apparent that the nomination is based solely on his impressive patriotic court monologue because the remainder of his role in the film is just average. I also found the performances by big names like Matthew McConahy, Morgan Freeman, and one of my favorite character actors (Pete Postlethwaite) to be underwhelming. The saving grace for the overall acting of this film comes from a young Chiwetel Ejiofor and the non-English-speaking role by Dijmon Hounsou. These two actors draw attention from the rest in every scene. It may be worth watching this one just for those two. The greatest fault of this film is its long-windedness. I understand that this is mainly the story of a court case but the court case relies on our compassion for the slaves. The strong imagery drives the story, rendering the 2 1/2-hour runtime unnecessary. Each excess minute in the courtroom takes away from the poignancy established through the film's introduction and the graphic, heartbreaking flashback. I credit the screenwriters for humanizing the slaves instead of making them into faceless victims; still, the language barrier and extensive dialogue causes the story to plod along until you stop caring about the slaves. Another Oscar nomination was earned by John Williams for his scoring of the film but I find it to be average in comparison with many of his other film scores. It never reaches the heartbreak of "Schindler's List," the driving suspense of "Jurassic Park," or the period-enhancement of "The Patriot." There are a few moments but not enough to make this a masterpiece like many of his other films. Even in a year that was not swept by "Titanic," I can't see this film winning any of its Oscar nominations. "Amistad" is worth seeing for a few memorable performances and the story that it tells, but it is offensive to see Morgan Freeman underused. Not to mention that in the world of courtroom dramas, you are better off spending your time with a second viewing of "A Few Good Men" or "Runaway Jury."

Jennifer T (de) wrote: Underrated gem of a movie. Excellent independent film. My absolute favorite Michael Douglas movie. This movie is so cool.

Janne S (jp) wrote: Yksi kaikkien aikojen parhaimmista komedioista. "I'm the King of the echo people!"

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 82%The alien explanation and transformation, were out of this world.

Kevin B (kr) wrote: Less a slasher film (as some have suggested), and more of a 50s sci-fi homage. A bit slow and static at times, but the pace is intentional. Loved the tone, the humor, and the originality. Recommended.

Stephen S (au) wrote: Excellent. This is a thoroughly entertaining film, filled with emotionally-moving characters who feel very real. Worth seeing.

Hunter D (ru) wrote: While the story is engagingly told by master-Hammer-filmmaker Terence Fisher, the movie spends too much time on its first act and hardly any time on its final act. The idea that love cures the werewolf curse is touched on in this movie, but is abandoned once the final action gets going. Everyone's favorite actor/alcoholic Oliver Reed turns in a solid performance, too bad the movie short-changes the characters and the mythology behind it to make it a truly great movie in Hammer's gothic horror cycle.

Jeffrey J (mx) wrote: Great movie but almost unbelievably depressing especially when you consider that it is a comedy.